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ISBN#: (10) 0-7582-3807-X/(13) 978-0-7582-3807-8
October, 2009
Aphrodisia Kensington
Trade Paperback
304 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Naughty or Nice

Dayna is bringing her fiancé home to meet her eccentric family over the holidays. What could go wrong? She has the perfect life, perfect job and even the perfect man. So why is she questioning all that after seeing Jake, her brother's best friend again?

Jake has had the hots for Dayna for as long as he can remember. But he has always maintained his distance because of his friendship with her brother. But he knows this guy she has brought home is not right for her and is willing to prove it.

The sparks fly between Dayna and Jake. A simple trip home turns into much more than that for these friends and the life Dayna thought she wanted when some pieces of the past she never knew are uncovered.

Great story. I love the banter between the characters along with the growth and troubles they have. It makes them feel very real. It shows that even good can surface from the bad things in life.

Nativity Island

Mercedes is a marine biologist who just happens to get stuck on this island while the boat is being repaired. She manages to get a flight for her work crew, but opts to stay behind to work.

Jeremy is a writer who came to the island in hopes it would be deserted to write on his next book. He is thrilled to see the group leave and also hopes Mercedes is with them, she is too much of a distraction.

When Mercedes stays on and they meet, the air ignites between the two of them. She never believing she would fall for a man like him, and he never knew a woman like her could get under his skin so fast.

This is hot, steamy and tropical, both the book and the location. This short story will leave you wanting to have your own island escape.

Escaping Christmas

What a Christmas Samantha is having. Just when she thinks everything is going smoothly, her boyfriend breaks up with her, telling her he loves someone else. Taking some time to think, she comes back home to find he even took her dog.

Bret is a science teacher filling in for his cousin by watching the police station. He is only doing this because there is no crime in this small town, but he is deputized nonetheless. When a burglary is called in, that seems to ruin the quiet plans he had. Especially because this burglar is one feisty lady.

After finding herself hand cuffed to a really hot cop, even if it is just temporary, and telling her story Samantha hopes she can be out of this town soon with her dog. Only she is starting to feel an immense attraction to Bret. With the Christmas holiday coming in a town called Christmas can they both get their wish?

I found myself chuckling at some of the antics of Samantha. Her story, sadly to say, is very well known to women and men who have encountered a dirt bag. However, some may find a silver lining in it. Other quirky characters round out this cute story and make it enjoyable to read.

Each one of these stories stands well on its own but packed together they generate a punch that will leave you wanting more. More heat, more sex, more hot men, just more of these three talented writer's works. Under The Covers is the perfect present for the holidays. Hot, steamy, sexy and spicy. Who does not want that for a gift?

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