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Chess Putnam Series

Book 1: Unholy Ghosts
Book 2: Unholy Magic
Book 3: City of Ghosts
Book 4: Sacrificial Magic

Chess Putnam Book 2
ISBN#: (13)9780345515582/(10)0345515587
July 6, 2010
Random House Publishing
e-book/ Print
342 pages
Rating: 3 cups

Chess Putnam is back, and her life is still spiraling out of control. Her newest case is a murdering ghost. This time, however, the ones being murdered aren’t victims that most would care about. Prostitutes are being taken out one by one, and Chess is pretty sure that a ghost isn’t behind the blood bath.

Terrible, who initially brings Chess into the case, works for Bump and his feelings for Chess are deep. However she has been seeing Lex, who supports her drug addiction issues with just sex as the price. Will she lose Terrible because of her actions and does she even care at this point?

As her life spirals further out of her own control and the bodies pile up, Chess realizes she has to get her stuff together and find out what is going on and stop it. The problem is that this haunting, unlike so many before, may prove to be a true one.

Written in a rolling mix of slang and a puritanical speak that is sometimes slightly grating, this story is a heart-rending tale of someone very near rock bottom. Choices are limited at this point for Chess, unless she really changes some of her self destructive behaviors. Because of the flaws that make her such a mess, she is more real, and you find yourself really rooting for her to not just solve the case but to get it back together. After reading this, the next in the series is a must read because the reader will want to find out what happens next.

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