Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 978-0-578-05038-6
February 27, 2010
Kemi-Ka Publishing
Paperback/Trade Paperback
267 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Bree’s husband has left her with no real reason why or indicating whether he is ever coming back. After realizing he just might not ever come back, she decides to try again with an old love of hers. Everything in her life is going smoothly, and she is happy, then her husband returns and wants to work things out.

Rowe is the old love. He left years ago but knew he loved Bree and hoped when he moved back to Atlanta she would be free. But finding Bree married was not as big of a shock as her leaving him to go back to her husband.

With all that is going on in Bree and Rowe’s life, there are other lives involved; friends as well as mentoring young kids. Each has their own issues that make them all do or say things that they normally would not do.

I must say this book is a hard one to understand. Once I got who each character was and how they fit in the story, it seemed to get better. But just as I started to enjoy the book, it ends. With no warning, no ending of the stories, just a promise of a sequel. I do like cliff-hangers but I feel this book does not generate enough excitement to warrant one. Overall, while I did finally enjoy some of the book, I would recommend you use your own judgment about this book.

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