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ISBN-13: 978-0-373-26686-9
September 2009
Worldwide Library
250 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

It has come as a shock to middle school teacher, Allison Aldridge, that her sleepy little town of Holliston is not immune to the dangers and threats like those that afflict large cities. She has once again become embroiled in a mystery that careens into her life like a train off its tracks.

Detective Fred Sawyer is quite aware of how easily Allison gets herself into trouble, but this time he is nowhere near the action. As a good friend, and hopefully someday maybe more, Fred has a very hard time sitting on the sidelines when it comes to Allison’s safety.

For the life of her, Allison just cannot imagine why someone would break into her classroom and then into her home. She holds nothing of value in either place, but when her neighbor also comes up missing, the vague connection becomes grim reality. She has something the intruder wants and apparently will do just about anything to get. Fred can no longer sit idly by while people are dropping like flies around Allison, but he is equally uncertain as to how she will react to him stepping in to help.

A middle school health/gym teacher is a far cry from a homicide detective, but for some reason Allison thinks she has what it takes to solve crimes. Honestly, I personally do not see it, as she seems to dissolve into buckets of tears at every turn. The writing, however, is very well done, and this is the perfect read for anyone who likes their mysteries conservative and refined. There is an inherent sweetness to Ms. Goodman’s writing that you just do not see in most contemporary mystery novels.

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