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Hawthorn School, Book #3
ISBN: 9781606596913
November 2012
Mundania Press
155 Pages
YA Urban Fantasy
Rating: 3 Cups

Charity is a student at the Hawthorn School. She is not the best student, like her roommate Louise, but stands out in other ways. She is looking forward to her trip to Romania and a possible reunion with St. Judas student, Nicholae.

Louise is Charity’s roommate and BFF. Since the incident when the St. Judas students visited Hawthorn, she is also a vampire. She is an excellent student and a bit naïve. She struggles to be a good vampire, drinking only animal blood.

The students of the Hawthorn School are visiting St. Judas School in Romania, and Charity is excited to see the hunky Nicholae again. She and the angsty vampire shared a fling when students from his school visited California. She must also protect her roommate from a murderous St. Judas student. This trip to Romania might be a lot more exciting than even she expected.

This story has a lot of potential, but I had a few problems. Charity is a bit hard to take. She is very dramatic and self-centered, but redeems herself by her loyalty to her best friend. I also wondered at the school sanctioning a trip to St. Judas when their visit to Hawthorn seems to have been much less than successful. Other than that, the characters were quirky and entertaining, especially the ghostly chaperone and teacher Ms. Tassel. Charity and her fellow students’ capacity for entertaining adventures are endless.

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