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ISBN: 978-1-936222-58-2
January 2011
Freya’s Bower
150 Pages
Erotic Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

A vacation of a lifetime awaits Caroline Benning and her best friend Marjory. Six weeks to explore and immerse themselves in England and its history has Caroline nearly giddy with excitement.

The Carruther’s Group takes up much of Adam Carruther’s time, but he loves the work he does for his father’s business. They have a stellar reputation for renovating the slums of London, and their charitable donations are just as remarkable.

Caroline is completely astounded at how her wondrous vacation has turned into an all out war against a money hungry business bent on crushing the underprivileged, but she cannot say she is sorry. Someone has to stand up and fight for the underdog, and she is just the woman to do it, even if it is against a man that makes her melt. Adam is not quite sure how it all went wrong with Caroline, considering the heat they generate in each other’s presence, but she will not see reason. She considers them mortal enemies, and he is at a loss as when it comes to convincing her he is not a money hungry monster.

Caroline’s all or nothing personality type comes across in such a hostile manner it makes you glad you are not on the receiving end. I believe Adam must truly be a saint if he can find charm in a woman so hell-bent on shoving her beliefs down everyone’s throat. However, they make such an awesome couple when she is not haranguing Adam that I kept wishing for more romance and less rage. The love scenes are exquisitely passionate, and each word brings every touch to life.

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