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The Drift Lord Series
Book 1: Warrior Prince
Book 2: warrior Rogue

The Drift Lord Series, Book 2
April 2013
Wild Rose Press
410 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Jennifer Dyhr is a fashion designer whose inspiration comes from her visions set in the time of the Vikings. While in Tokyo, waiting to film a commercial, she finds herself in need of a new actor. A naked man makes a dramatic entry onto the set, fitting the Nordic god spot she needs to fill. He talks of Norse mythology, aliens, special powers … oh, and that she is part of a prophecy to save the world. Even if she cannot quite believe what he is selling, she finds herself irrevocably drawn to him and wanting to believe.

Paz Hadar is a drift lord, not sure where he is or what has happened, since the last thing he remembers is being pushed into a machine during a battle with some trollocs, not even knowing the outcome. Next thing he knows is that there are people in need of his help, a wild barbarian, and that he is naked. After learning that it was just “acting” and not real, he sees Jen’s distinctive watch, naming her a daughter of Odin, and that he is destined to protect her. He was not expecting to fall for her so quickly. Will it impede his mission to save the world?

She invites Paz along with her on the way back to Florida and they are attacked, causing their plane to crash. Soon after, they are captured by trollocs and learn of their main reason for their invasion of earth. The longer the rifts are open, the more danger their world is open to being completely torn apart. They need to get back to Florida, rejoin his team, and defeat the trollocs once and for all. Just some of the things they will have to deal with before this are sea serpents, talking dogs, a dragon, and the rampant desire growing between them. But can love grow between two seemingly different people?

This is an exciting read set in a rich, detailed, and fascinating world peopled with interesting characters. Even without reading the first book in the series, I was able to jump right in and catch up to the story so far. It almost had too much going on, but the author pulls it off, mixing aliens, heroes from space, Norse mythology, and creatures from that mythology together to create a fast-paced read with a dash of romance added to it. My only complaint was that, at times, it went too fast for me. I wanted to enjoy some of the interesting situations the author created within the story.

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