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ISBN: 978-1-4165-6082-1
July 2009
Pocket Books
365 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

After years of suffering under the tyranny of her father, Charlotte Page vows to never find herself at the mercy of another man, but unfortunately events seem to conspire against her. Men never fail to be a source of great disappointment for her no matter what their intentions may be.

It has been so many years since David Masters has felt truly happy that he scarcely remembers what it was like. He had a royal mess of a marriage, that ended six months ago with his wife’s apparent suicide, and now his long ago plot is coming back to bite him.

Charlotte has everything she needs to be content in her life, headmistress of a wonderful girl’s school, bright young students, and many lovely friends, but somehow it is not enough. Her years of correspondence with the mysterious Cousin Michael dropped off six months ago, and since then she learns that her school is in danger of being ousted from its location. She does not need or want the strain of having David back in her life, but with his offer how can she refuse? Trying to steel her heart from the only man she has ever loved proves to be impossible, but when lies start unraveling, all she can remember is the pain of the past.

Fate moves in mysterious ways for Charlotte and David, and following their story is a delight. It really makes you wonder if they could have made it the first time around, or more likely their immaturity and insecurities would have driven an irreparable wedge between them. Like many historical romances, some aspects of the plot are predictable, but this is still a beautifully well-written story. The machinations and emotional angst of the characters keep things interesting, and the passion between Charlotte and David is sweltering.

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