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A Noble Island Mystery
ISBN# 9781611161915/9781611161922
25 January 2013
White Rose Publishing Circle: Division of Pelican
354 Pages
Mystery, Gothic Romance, Thriller, Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Rosetta Ryan carries a heavy heart, so she decides to accept a job on a small island. She is there in a caregiver’s position. She has no one, no family, but mostly she needs a job and believes this will be a new start for her. But when she arrives, she discovers the position calls for a man, so she is told to return home.

Simon Hale requires a caregiver for his ill father. On seeing Rose , he is greatly impressed with her, finding her quite stunning and exquisite, and decides there is no way he will demand that a man take the position.

The housekeepers need a nurse, not a college student to care for Mr. Hale. With her degree in botany and natural medicine, she meets the criteria, but they do not wish to hear until Simon steps in and agrees Rose will be perfect to care for his father. There is one rule however–she must not wander through the house. Rose does not understand the logic but accepts, never expecting some of the strange events she will encounter, or the love that will blossom between her and Simon.

Whispers on Shadow Bay is a remarkable read. It has all the visual descriptions and intrigue to keep the reader glued to the storyline. From the mysterious island, to the voices, as well as Simon and Rose, the audience is fascinated by every sudden movement that revolves in the house. Ms. Byrnes creates a spellbinding read that draws readers into the center of everything, keeping them frozen until the final conclusion. All the characters are in-depth, and Simon’s little daughter makes the story wonderfully told and begging to be read again and again.

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