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ISBN# 9781603183192/9781603183185
June 2011
L&L Dreamspell
E-book /Trade paperback
218 Pages
Paranormal Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Monica and Malcolm McFee are twins that come from a paranormal family; Malcolm being the medium and Monica being the skeptic. They host a show called Happily Ever Afterlife. But now their show is in danger of being cancelled.

Enigma Mysterio and Irene Hopkins are their rivals on another show called Bump in the Night. Irene is a true Hollywood actress and a fake medium; however Enigma is the real deal. He gained the gift after a horrific car accident in which he was declared dead.

With permission from Kylie, the owner of Harrington House, both teams are set to investigate the haunting going on there. However Kylie has her own reasons for wanting to see if there are truly ghosts and it happens to be a large treasure that her ancestors supposedly hid. But what no one expects is that people go missing and a murder will happen; is it real or smoke and mirrors for the sake of television?

What an interesting take on ghosts. Take non-believers and believers with old legends and add some reality television to the mix with a few romantic sparks and you have all the makings of Wild Ghost Chase. Great characters and a fun entertaining storyline keep the reader amused from start to finish.

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