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ISBN# (13) 9780758287847/(EB)97807582-87854
March 2013
Kensington Publishing Corporation
Aphrodisia Trade Paperback
$14.00 US/$15.95 CAN
320 Pages
Erotic BDSM Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Stark Pleasure

The real world awaits Alice Barlow and her roommate. Their college days are done, so the first item on the agenda is getting a job in order to pay for their new apartment.

Work is something Tristan Stark takes very seriously, although the same can be said for his playtime as well.

Modeling nude is the last thing Alice could ever have imagined doing, yet it turns out to be nothing compared to the time she spends with Tristan. This is the man, with his very explicit desires and demands that Alice wants with a passion so intense she is more than willing to leave her innocence behind.

When it is right, everything falls into place, much like Alice’s introduction into the world of BDSM.

Ruby’s Awakening

There is a certain type of man Ruby avoids at all costs–a man very much like her sexy next-door neighbor.

Despite getting shot down every time he tries to talk to her, Drake South still hungers for the lady next door.

Daredevils and adrenaline junkies like her dad are the last thing Ruby wants in a man, or at least that is what she keeps telling herself. Every boyfriend she has ever had, though, bores her to death, totally unlike Drake, whose barest touch sends her to the moon.

Secret desires have a way of making themselves known, especially when two people have such complimentary needs.

Runa’s High

Every minute of every day, Runa Mullan is in control, both on the track and in the classroom.

Jeff Tappe knows firsthand how a sport can take over your life. That is why he enlists his friend, Ken Paro, to help out.

All Runa wants is to break her school record, yet her speed on the track seems to have hit a plateau. Confident that Jeff can help her, Runa agrees to meet with his friend Ken. Her life from this point on will never be the same.

With a schedule so absolutely rigid as well as rigorous, it is no wonder Runa is ready for the out of body experience these two Masters have in mind.

These stories are all about those first steps in knowing who and what you are capable of being. Alice is a complete novice, yet she takes to Tristan’s demands like a duck to water, whereas for Runa it is more like a freeing of her soul. Ruby is a little more mature and confident with her sexual desires, although she, too, has repressed her true self. I love how each man here is ready and willing to draw these women out of their shells and open their eyes to a whole new world of delicious passion.

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