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The Berringers
Book 1: Yours for the Night/ Virtually Perfect
Book 2: Hers for the Holidays
Book 3: His Kind of Trouble

The Berringers, Book 1
ISBN# 9780373797240/9781459244597
205 Pages
Sexy Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Yours for the Night
Tiffany has finally found her calling, but while in training she works at her parents’ store. She meets an incredibly handsome man at a friend’s wedding. Expecting a one-night stand, but leaving him behind is more than she can stand.

Widower, Garett, has lost his beloved wife as a result of her high profile job. Six years later, he is still unable to move on, until he meets Tiffany. Unfortunately, the job she is training for is more dangerous than that which took his wife.

Tiffany is embarrassed when she has to call her one-night stand to be her alibi for the theft of valuable jewelry from her parents’ business. Garrett is happy to be an alibi because he finds he wants so much more.

Ms. Hunter serves up a big helping of intrigue and romance. Though the mystery is rather apparent in my mind, it never detracts from the romance. I have enjoyed the characters and found the writing easy to read and follow. Yours for the Night is an enjoyable and entertaining read.

Virtually Perfect
Raine is a writer with a current assignment about virtual dating. The new wave in romance is scary, but Raine has found the perfect man, a virtual man. So why rock the boat by meeting?

If Jack enjoys his spending time with his on-line girlfriend, he still finds it difficult to leave his high school crush behind, especially when he sees her at work daily. She has no memory of him from school and appears to be the same spoiled rich girl.

Raine thinks meeting will ruin the perfect relationship. Jack is finally ready to leave the crush behind. Meeting triggers the past and a psycho who wants Raine for himself. Can Raine and Jack stop living in the past or will the present danger destroy their chance?

Virtually Perfect is a story for the modern romantic. The author tackles a subject that many cringe about. It is a dream to have someone love you for who you are, the whole package, and Ms. Hunter serves the dream up on a silver platter. The highly energized sex scenes are ones the reader will remember. I recommend Virtually Perfect for the hopeful romantic in everyone.

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