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The old man, Duke’s father, Mr. Duke Wallace, Senior, had amassed a fortune from shrewd oil deals, the glory days of the Gold Rush, corporate takeovers, leveraged buyouts, and maybe even a little insider trading, though that was just a rumor.  He had passed away long before Duke, Junior, had taken over and built this monstrous skyscraper.

Duke Wallace, Jr., the current head of the Wallace Corporation, was only thirty-two years old, and loaded.  Not only was he loaded with money, but he was loaded with having every woman he had ever wanted as well.  Every woman in the city and far beyond the metropolitan area and the state of Colorado wanted to be with Duke Wallace. 

It was not a well known fact that Duke had had his share of women.  However, it was rumored that he had.  This rumor was kept well under wraps.  Some said that if hired to work at the Wallace Corporation, a nondisclosure agreement was required.  The handsome cowboy who looked as if he had been photo-shopped wanted to be known for what he brought to the boardroom, not the bedroom.  Though no one knew for certain, and nothing was ever explicitly stated, it was definitely implied that Duke Wallace never lacked for companionship in the bedroom.  He was every woman’s dream with his dark eyes and facial features that could make a woman melt.  And the man’s body, well, let’s just say that he could fill out a pair of jeans to perfection in the front and in the back.  He could have any woman he wanted, and every woman wanted Duke Wallace. 


Abby looked at herself in the full length mirror.  Her nipples could be seen through her worn bra but it was the only one she had.  But then, perhaps that would be an asset for her today.  “My nipples just might land me a job,” she muttered.  She fluffed her hair to give it that “play with me” look, and smoothed her skirt.  She stepped into a pair of four inch heels, the one luxury she had purchased for the interview, and she was ready to go.  A limo had arrived at Abby’s apartment to pick her up, a classy touch that impressed the young college graduate.  The long car had darkened windows, of course, so that the mystery of meeting with Mr. Wallace would be well preserved. 

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