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Teacher's Pet


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Paul and Julia have known each other for years, though never as lovers.  Julia had been Paul’s baby-sitter years ago and as she was only two years his senior, the young man had quickly become infatuated with her.  Paul’s fantasy has always been to be with his beloved baby-sitter turned teacher, but he realizes that Julia will always think of him as nothing more than a friend.  Julia’s gentle teasing makes Paul feel as if he were still a young boy, and the woman’s somewhat suggestive remarks cannot possibly be true come-ons, can they? 

Paul developed a bit of a crush on Julia his freshman year of college, thinking that it was a little bit naughty having thoughts of a sexual nature about his former baby-sitter.  Those were his budding hormones talking then, he realized, but he would often fantasize about the two of them together in his boyhood bed.  He knew there was never a chance of anything really coming of it.  The only time the two of them had made love was in his own fantasy world in his own indecent thoughts. 


Wishful thinking for Paul was having the pretty Julia walk her perfect butt over to his room and sit in his lap with nothing more than a thong between them.  He had caught a peek a few times when sitting behind her in the bleachers at school events and he knew that thongs seemed to be the panties of her choice.  He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. 

“Knock, knock,” a sweet voice said. 

Dazed, Paul looked up.  There she was in his doorway.  What if she had seen me? No, she can’t see underneath my desk. 

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