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All Fore Revenge

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This isn’t your everyday erotica.
Ali has more going on than a little revenge sex to get even with her philandering golf pro husband (think Tiger, only this story broke a year before his did). Once she retreats to Colorado in order to keep her family from the glaring media lights, she’s embroiled in her best friend’s troubles, and confronted with a past she’d rather forget—a past which has impacted her sex life in ways she’d never figured. Not to mention, her partner-in-revenge has lots more in store for her than sex. He’s in love, and won’t give up.
A hottie in pursuit, buried secrets, nosy paparazzi, and someone evil with a gun bring this story to a rising crescendo…and leave you wondering whether Ali will get a happily-ever-after or not.
Date Added: 11/11/2010 by April Larrechea