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Chicken What Du Hell

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Chicken What Du Hell had me roaring with laughter, particularly Bubbas antics and his obvious adoration for Catonia who does not quite know what to do with him. Remy is a wonderful hero, and I really enjoyed how the author got this couple together.

From an Anthology Cat O'Nine Tales:
Cat ONine Tales is definitely a keeper. The sex is hot and varied, but shot through with a lot of emotion making each story one to be savored while reading. The cats added a lovely dimension that only cats can, and I adored their individual personalities. Each story is one to be treasured, and I know I will be rereading them over and over for many years to come. If you love cats, and a good love story as I do, then you will not want to miss this wonderful collection as it is phenomenal. This anthology belongs on every romance lovers bookshelf!
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Date Added: 06/10/2008 by The Coffee Time Crew