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To Tempt a Werewolf

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I love a story told in first person. First person lends a reality to a tale, granting the reader an insight into what seems to be a more personal perspective to the hero/heroine's life. To Tempt a Werewolf is one of those wonders, where I was drawn into the life of Lila.
The year is 1896 in Atlanta, Georgia, and Lila has overstepped the boundaries of all propriety. She's been seen (for the second time) in the arms of a young man. Her father has had enough and, ruthlessly, he casts the young woman into the streets.
Let's just say life back then, when a young lady had been tossed into the streets, wasn't filled with many options. In order to survive, Lila knows her only choice is to hook up with the local madam.
The illustrious Lord Dominic Richards, the new Earl of Leamont enters the scene. Attempting to find a willing wife on American soil, he believes his luck has gone to the dogs. That is, until he finds our hapless Lila, a lost waif that has never made it to the madam's house of ill repute. Love blossoms, along with its fair share of age-old gallantry, and Dominic ponders just what is he going to do with the luscious Lila...and the secret he harbors.
Jessie Colter has written a timeless romance, filled with magic and the world of the unknown. As always, Ms. Colter delivers a dream of wonder, where handsome Earls hold dark secrets that rears it's ugly head during a full moon, and the darling woman that loves him despite his cursed blood.
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