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A Little Holiday Romance

Author(s): Ann Cory, Ann Margret, Megan Hussey, Jen Bokal, Lynn den Hartog, Herbert Grosshans

Spirit of Christmas by Ann Cory: "There has to be something you want. A dream you've had. What thoughts are floating around in your head? Tell me your wildest desire and I'll make it a reality." Elisa wasn't sure how to respond. When did wishing for something ever get her anywhere? As to wild desires, did she dare?... "I wantyou..."

The Man the Angels Sent for Christmas by Ellen Margret: For Christmas, the angels brought together childhood friends, Eddie and Maggie-Ann. The first world war threatened to part them but the angels had other ideas.

Moonlight and Mistletoe by Megan Hussey: Derrick and Sheila share a warm, playful friendship that sparks into a heated and passionate romance. Yet Derrick has a sexy secret that, depending on Sheila's reaction, could endanger their growing relationship or make it hotter still.

All I Want by Jennifer D. Bokal: Sarah wants to spice up her love life by fulfilling her husband's fantasy. What she didn't count on was trying to find time to be alone in a house full of insane relatives.

Christmas Knight by Lynne den Hartog: Cindy thought she knew her relatives, but when a mysterious stranger rescues Christmas for her she is unprepared for the consequences, discovering secrets about her family's private lives she would never have thought imaginable.

Remember Me Next Christmas by Herbert Grosshans: They came out of the moor during a snowstorm the day before Christmas. Three women and two men. Beautiful Karima captures Frank's heart, and even when he discovers her true identity, his love for her is stronger than his loyalty to his friends and family.

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ISBN (Print): 978-1-61235-087-5
ISBN (Electronic):
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 01/01/2011
Publisher: Melange Books

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