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A Soldier's Woman

Author(s): Amy Gallow

It would take a very special soldier to overcome Megan Ryan’s distrust of all things military. A fallen officer’s daughter, she has become right-hand woman a Davidson’s Machine and Tool, a family business in deep financial trouble. With the changing of the guard, Michael Davidson becomes its only hope. He is a career soldier, a sergeant in the elite SAS, living dangerously, always at the spear point. They must join forces in a desperate battle to save the company, carrying them to Singapore, and the all powerful Lim family.. It is there that Megan learns just how much is at stake.Will Michael return to his beloved SAS when their mission is complete?For Megan there are only two impossible choices—become a soldier’s woman or lose Michael forever.


Relief made Megan throw her arms around Michael and hug him fiercely. How this became a kiss, she never really understood, but it did ... and the world really did stand still.
Nothing existed for Megan but the contact between their bodies, the pressure of his lips on hers, the male tang of his perspiration in her nostrils, the hardening of his arousal as it thrust itself against the soft flesh above the junction of her thighs, and his hands caressing her body. She felt her nipples stir and bud against the pressure of his chest and her fingers dug into his flesh through the thin material of his tropical-weight business shirt.
Then it was over ... and Michael stepped back from her, his face expressing clearly his struggle to regain self-control. "That shouldn’t have happened," he said unsteadily.
"No." Megan agreed uncertainly, shaken by the intensity of her need for him.
"As you quite rightly said, it has been a long day," Michael explained, as much to himself as to Megan. "Nor is it over yet. We need to freshen up before we go into the meeting with Lim Yip Sing."
"Yes." Megan agreed, making no move towards her own room, the lusty young woman in the back of her mind a willing ally in urging a more decisive response.
A tiny movement towards Michael was all it took. Their bodies came together in an embrace intense enough to drive every other thought from Megan’s mind as her body reacted joyously.
An eternity of physical sensations followed. The play of their tongues, the movement of his all too knowing hands on her body as he exploited the sensitivity he’d discovered the other night in the Hard Rock Café. Her own body reacted hungrily to the nearness of him, creating a sensual riot threatening her consciousness and blocking her knowledge of their surroundings. She felt a small shock when Michael shifted within her embrace and lifted her so that she lay cradled in his arms. It broke their kiss, but Megan buried her face against the side of his neck, panting as if she’d run a mile, tasting the salt of his perspiration on her lips as he carried her to his door. A small fumble with the key, then they were cocooned in privacy and he lowered her feet to the floor beside the inviting expanse of his queen-size bed.

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ISBN (Print): 978-1-926704-41-8
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Genre: Contemporary
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Publisher: Eternal Press

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