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A Sunday Love

The McCullough Romance Series: Book #3

Author(s): Verity Norton

Matthew McCullough is in denial. He claims he wants nothing to do with Arielle Bradford. He tries to convince his overgrown family of cousins to lay off and let him be the bachelor he’s determined to be. The problem is convincing himself.
When Matt’s wife left him and their children eight years ago, he swore he would never fall in love again. But when the beautiful and wise psychologist comes to Canden Valley to help with her best friend Sophie’s wedding, Matt finds himself eating those words.
Despite his attempt to appear aloof, one greeting hug tells Arielle that he is anything but indifferent to her. Their attraction is undeniable, but both of them are fighting ghosts from the past—Matt’s in the form of the ex-wife who abandoned him, and Arielle’s in the form of guilt for having survived to live a happy, healthy life when her beloved brother couldn’t.
They both have to come to terms with their fears and feelings of guilt before they can make a place for the other in their complicated lives. But because they know they belong together, they find a way to turn their Sunday courtship into a lifetime of love.


Chapter 1
Arielle Bradford rolled down the window of her 2005 Thunderbird and let her curly blond hair fly freely in the wind. Quite a change from the refined image of a psychologist that she normally portrayed, curls tamed, pulled back, and securely clipped in place. She relished the feel of the breeze in her hair and realized just how much she needed this vacation.
Since she had begun practicing therapy in Santa Barbara almost five years ago, the only time she had taken off was for a few quick trips to San Francisco to see her best friend Sophie. Recently her friend had moved to Canden Valley, two hours closer to Santa Barbara. And once again it had been Sophie who had offered Arielle an excuse to take time off. But this time Arielle had made the decision to take more than a couple days or even the single week that was necessary to help her friend prepare for her wedding. She was taking a month. 
Her mind immediately flashed on Matthew McCullough. Why did she have to be attracted to a man who obviously had no interest whatsoever in her? Now if only she could chase a certain six-foot tall, dark-haired, blue-eyed McCullough cousin from her thoughts as easily.
She pulled off the highway and into a rest stop. Bathroom break. Leg stretching break. She glanced out the car window at the coffee vending machine. Not a chance. She pulled back onto the highway, exiting again a few miles up the highway at an unassuming beach town. Much better. Cute café with freshly-brewed coffee. She could still stretch her legs and use the restroom.
Smiling, she pushed open the door to enter the charming atmosphere. As she waited in line, her mind flashed on the Village Book Café in Canden Valley. Then to Santa Barbara and its amazing wealth of bookstores—with new books—and cafes with all the yuppie drinks any young psychologist could possibly want. Yet the tiny used book café in Canden Valley tugged at her heart. What did it have that the others didn’t?
Everyone knew each other for one. Marianne and Sam remembered your name and your preferred drink after your first visit. The books were used but well loved. And it was as unpretentious as you could get. Of course, due to its location, half of the customers were McCulloughs. Sean and Sophie frequented the place. Nick ate breakfast there most mornings. Well, maybe not so much anymore now that Skye and he were waking up together every morning. Even Matt stopped by there when he was en route to a job site in Canden Valley, which he would be doing often now since he had broken ground on Sophie and Sean’s new house.
Yep, she needed this vacation desperately. And if she was being completely honest with herself, she needed a multitude of other things in her life, not the least of which was a very sexy McCullough man in her very lonely bed.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781581249958
Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 04/14/2014
Publisher: The Fiction Works

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