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A Wish Times Three

Book Title: Blue Moon Enchantment

Author(s): Jeanne Van Arsdall

Since the death of Kathleen's husband two years ago, she's filled her life with writing, trying to lessen the grief. She's lost touch with friends and has no social life. When a handsome archeologist moves to town, he falls hard for Kathleen. Will Kevin's love and the power of the Magical Blue Moon be enough to pull Kathleen from her despair and into his arms?


Hi. Sorry Im so late. We had an incident after school and I had to referee. Anyway, can we get together tonightif you dont have other plans? We could cook at my place or yoursor eat out. Anything is fine. Call me. I cant wait to see youbye for now.
Kathleen replayed it three times. Her cousin had offered to keep Siena for a sleepover, so tonight would be the night. There, the first part of my resolve to be bolder is working. Now for the more pressing call.
Fingers shaking, she dialed Kevins number. Hi, its Kathleen.
Yeah, I had that one figured out. He laughed. How are you?
Great. I got some writing done. She didnt tell him he was the inspiration. How about you?
Good, except I miss you. How about tonight? Id like to see you.
Id like to see you, too. In fact, my cousin has Siena.
Great. Do you want to eat out or cook in? Im anxious to try my new grill if youre game, and I bought groceries. Want me to come pick you up?
No. Ill driveno need for you to make two trips. What time?
Its already four, so whenever youre ready. The sooner the better.
His voice carried a husky, hungry sound. Kathleen wondered if hers did. If not, she was a better actress than she thought.
Kevin was sitting on the porch when she arrived. Im glad you could make it. He pulled her close, kissed her, and stared into her eyes. He started to speak, then stopped, turned and led her up the steps.
The house was filled with Celtic musicpeaceful and inviting. I love your choice in music.
Its some of my favorite. It pleases me when I find things we both enjoy. Have you noticed we have a lot in common? And, I hope you like steakIve got a couple of beauties ready for the grill.
Another thing in common. She followed him into the kitchen.
Wine? He held up a glass. He poured and passed one to her. To us. He pinned her with his eyes.
Maintaining eye contact, she whispered, To us.
Would you like to see my garden?
Id love toI didnt know you had a garden.
Ive always kept one. I love flowers. Ive worked with them and now Im finally pretty good. I killed my share in the beginning though. During the stroll, he pointed out different speciessome shed never heard of.
Im impressed.
He wrapped his arm around her shoulder as they returned to the house. Good, thats my goal.
Returning to the kitchen she realized the vase of flowers on the counter was from his garden. She leaned and inhaled the sweet fragrance. What a nice touchhe keeps surprising me.
Can I help?
How are you with salads? I have everything imaginable in the fridge.
I make a mean salad. Ill even whip up a special dressing.
Kevin prepared baked rosemary potatoes. Theyre pretty good, if I do say so myself.
When she finished she caught Kevin watching and couldnt resist a trial of her new-found courage. Sticking a finger in the dressing, she placed it between pursed lips, slowly withdrawing it. Ummthats delicious.
Instantly, he was by her side. Let me taste. He took her finger, dunked it into the dressing and put it in his mouth. He suckled it gently then rubbed it back and forth across his lips, all the while flicking his tongue over and under it. He slid it from his lips, continued layering kisses up her arm, her shoulder, then her neck. Working his way to her mouth, his lips smothered hers with pent up hunger. Burying his hands in her hair, he pulled her closer, kissing her passionately.
Fireworks exploded in her head and heat stirred in her central core. Faraway, she heard him whisper her name, but she was too consumed to answer. Inhibitions melted away.

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ISBN (Print): 0-9746249-7-7
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Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 06/01/2006

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