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All Will Be Revealed

Author(s): UZ Eliserio

 Danton de Mesa lives a quiet life producing videos of the Equine Show with his boss, Mr. Cretar, for people to watch on the Cloud. But Corporation Agent Rashiva Panashi enters his life and turns it upside down.

With the Equine Show shut down, Danton goes to work for the Corporation, which is a daily dose of backstabbing, espionage, counter-terrorism, and really small cubicles. But when Mr. Cretar's brother is assassinated, Danton's old boss becomes the new Prince of Keramus. To make things even more complicated, Danton starts dating Rashiva, who, when he is not wearing his intergalactic man of mystery mask, turns out to be a pretty fun guy.

Tensions are high between the Keramus Kingdom and the Corporation, and humanity might get involved in another war with their more powerful neighbors. Rashiva is accused to assassinating Mr. Cretar's brother. Worse yet, one of the men investigating the murder of the monarch happens to be Danton's ex!

With an intergalactic war on the horizon, Danton has to choose between, peace, safety, loyalty, and the person who might just be the love of his life.


 Conversation with other human beings was one of the few things he missed during his time with the Show. Yes, there were other people at the asteroid, but aside from Mr. Cretar, all that they ever talked about was lighting, budget, logistics. There weren’t any connections. Danton figured that if he wanted to start dating again, he should practice speaking with strangers. Hammer out any kinks his interpersonal skills might have developed during his time of isolation. "You seem to have an accent? Are you from Mars? Wait, are you from outside Sol?"

The young man leaned over. "Are we supposed to talk about this?" He eyed the other people in line.

"Sure, why not. It's just a job. We're rivals, not enemies."

"Well..." He swallowed again, then pulled at his tie. "If it helps pass the time..."

"Tell you what," Danton said, fishing out his lucky coin, "let's let fate decide. Heads, we talk, tails, we stare at the walls? Okay?"

The young man nodded.

Danton tossed the coin. "Heads! I guess you'll have to talk to me."

"No way, you cheated."

"How could I have cheated on a coin toss?"

"You held it real tight, and you twisted your hand slightly. That way, whatever the original position of the coin was, that's what comes up. Don't think I didn't notice that you decide what heads and tails would mean. I know about coins, you should have asked me to guess while it was still in the air."

Danton stopped listening to the young man and tested his theory. It was true. He did hold the coin tightly, and he did twist his hand. He tossed the coin. Heads. He tossed it again. Heads. He flipped it, then tossed. Tails. He forgot about having a conversation and just kept tossing the coin into the air. He tossed it ten, twenty times.

"Look, it's the Prime Minster," the young man said.

Danton tossed the coin. "Where?" Heads.

"There, at the end of the corridor."

Danton followed the young man's finger. "I thought he'd be taller." He tossed the coin into the air.

A shot rang out.

The coin landed a few meters away from him. "Hey!" Danton shouted. "Who's playing with that... Was that a gun?"

"What the hell is a gun?" the young man asked.

Someone shouted. "The proximian! He has a weapon!"

Years of watching old videos informed Danton's instincts. He dove to the floor. Robots swarmed the proximian, but it wasn't the only one with a gun. More shots rang out, answered by blaster fire.

The young man crouched beside him. "I get it now. A gun is some sort of primitive blaster. Am I right?"

"Hellfire, get down!"

"Don't tell me what to--" His head exploded.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-61040-665-9
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 03/12/2014
Publisher: Torquere Press

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