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Alpha One: The Kryl Queen

Author(s): Chris Burton

Book 3 in the Alpha One series.

The Kryl occupy Earth and humans are dying... in their millions.

The final part of the first Alpha One Trilogy brings the Kryl and Alpha together in a desperate battle spreading light years across the cosmos.

The only hope for mankind, a small contingency fleet heads for the Styros Cluster to lie in wait, in hope that Earth’s scientists can find a way to destroy the Kryl.

On Earth, as Alpha’s leaders go into hiding, President Roslyn has no choice but to comply with the Kryl agreement. Every three months, three hundred million humans must die.

As Admiral Jonathan Hoskins and his fleet return to Earth in readiness for battle with the Kryl, Jake Carter knows his destiny is to see the Kryl Queen once again, but not before the ultimate Kryl destroyer weapon is deployed. With Carla Stevenson a reluctant guest of the Kryl Queen, Jake must show his new found command experience to bring the Halo 7 home—to Carla and to his destiny.


His eyesight was beginning to fail and his mouth was dry, dry as sandpaper. The screaming had intensified now. Most of his fellow humans had fallen to the floor. They were all dying. And yet, his mind felt as lucid as ever; almost as if the failure of his other senses, and his motor neurone functions had freed his brain. Images flashed past of memories long since lost. Was this his life flashing before him, before he died?

Another glance across, only five people now stood standing. Looking down he saw the woman, who was now quite clearly dead, blood oozing from her mouth, nose and ears and a huge crack, exposing her skull at the top of her forehead. The screaming had died down now, replaced by whimpering and sobbing from those who remained conscious enough to notice the pain. Muller needed to hang on. This was not a competition and yet as leader of this motley crew, he wanted to be the last to fall. This last great challenge was all he had left.

He was the last man standing. All twenty-four of his companions had now fallen and now there was silence as he felt a warm liquid run down the side of his neck. And yet he still stood. He would not fall. He would stand forever if only metaphorically. His legs finally gave way and he too fell to the floor and huddled in a foetal position, no longer able to control the pain.

His mind still raged, but his thoughts became softer, more emotional. He thought of his family, his daughter, even his ex-wife. Would they be ok? He was sure they would. By now, they would be moving on with life already. And yet, his final thoughts were not of his family. His mind focussed on blind hatred for the Kryl. He felt everything begin to close in now. The pain had gone, he could no longer move, and paralysis had taken over as his organs began to shut down. He felt his heart beat, slower and slower and then nothing as finally a dark mist began to cloud his mind. This was it. He had nothing left and it was all over.

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ISBN (Print): 9781629290881
ISBN (Electronic): 9781629290874
Genre: Science Fiction
Date Published: 11/01/2013
Publisher: Eternal Press

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