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Amish Apocalypse

Author(s): James Daughety

In the year 2513, Ted Bundy and Jack the ripper are brought into the future to lead a group of notorious serial killers to help the Old Order Amish defeat a hoodoo queen who sees the Amish expansion into her territory as a direct threat. To retaliate, she kills and then resurrects the Amish children and leads them against their kin in battle, thinking the pacifist Amish will not fight against their children, dead or alive. However, they’ve found a way…


Queen Serafine drug a second dead Amish girl by the side of another, about two feet apart, in between two thick trunked live oak trees whose sprawling limbs looked like the snakes on Medusa’s head. She knelt down between the two bodies and put their hands together palm to palm; folding their fingers around the others hand, as if they were grasping each other while taking a stroll on a Sunday afternoon. She stood up, held her stiff arms out a bit; hands just above her waist, palms up. She leaned backwards so that the moon’s rays shown on her face.

“Spirits of the dark, let the conjure be strong tonight,” she said. She brought her head back to upright and put her arms down by her side. Her eyes rolled upwards; only the whites could be seen. Her head began to move as if it were floating on a gentle ocean. Her body and legs remained still. She spread her fingers wide and her hands began to shake.

Wind began to blow. The shadows of the swaying moss crawled back and forth along the ground, interweaving between the still shadows of the tree limbs. Two fear stricken boys, early teens, sat on the ground ten yards behind Serafine. Their bare knees were pulled up close to their bare chests. They shook in the eighty degree night air as if it were freezing cold. Scared. Their eyes were closed tight; cheek muscles almost touching brow.

Animals scurried away like a predator was hot on their trails. An owl hooted in the distance acting as a beacon to safety. The wind blew thunderstorm hard but the sky was clear. The leaves on the live oaks sounded like the tail of a warning rattlesnake. The tall pines whispered.

Serafine began rolling her head. She raised her arms, stopping them when they were extended straight out from her shoulders. Her hands still shook. Her body began to rock back and forth; legs remained still. After a dozen slow rocks, she held her head up straight, clapped her hands in front of her and opened her eyes. The wind stopped.

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ISBN (Print): 9781629291000
ISBN (Electronic): 9781629290997
Genre: Horror
Date Published: 12/01/2013
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

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