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Ancient Blood: The Amazon

Author(s): Bob Nailor, John Pearson

An evil, 500 years in the making, lurks in the jungles of Brazil. Today it wants to be free.Time has allowed evil to lurk and grow in the jungles of Brazil for over 500 years. Today that evil wants free. What can a young woman do when confronted with the reality of horror? Ana is an anthropologist and so intent on being one with a lost tribe she will do anything, even hunt human prey.

"Doctor Carvalho," Wayne started. "I am sorry about the communications system crashing during your earlier report. I have reset the station and re-established another link with UWF. Anytime you wish to - holy shit!" he shouted in surprise and fell backwards off the log he was sitting on. With his mouth hanging open, he pointed to a location behind Paulo's back. All eyes snapped in the direction he pointed.
At the edge of their camp stood a forest warrior, bathed in the late afternoon shadows. She was clad only in a thin leather triangle between the hips; it was ornamented with a radiant yellow sun. A quiver of arrows hung on her back from a slender strap which snaked its way between her breasts. She intently watched Paulo, then turned to the satellite comm station Wayne had set up. Gianni Rossi's voice crackled through the air calling Doctor Carvalho's name. In a quick and flowing motion she drew and launched a gold-tipped arrow.

The monitor with an image of Gianni Rossi shattered and the whole system crashed in a shower of sparks as the arrow continued through into the casing behind the monitor.

"Whoa," Wayne shouted. "She killed it."

The warrior strode to the system and yanked her arrow free. Her movements were rapid and powerful, yet graceful. She walked directly to Paulo and held out her hand with a snap of her wrist. "My arrow," she said in perfect Portuguese.
"She's white," Nancy whispered to Ana. "Who is she?"

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615727704
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 09/01/2012
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

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