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A Cruel Passing of Innocence

Author(s): J.D Jensen

Sold into slavery by her stepfather, Nassara is stripped, beaten and delivered to the Palace of Misery, where young slaves must hasten to adapt to the Masters' cruel perversities, or face harsh punishment. Adorned in golden rings and chains, oiled and shaven, ready for prostration in the hot sun for the Masters to behold, the slaves of pleasure must perform their duties with compliant devotion. So quickly lost is Nassara's innocence, how terrible the torment her emotions must travel, and what agonies her flesh must endure. Nassara's only consolation is her love for Zheeno, yet Ahmood, the sadistic leader of the whip-boys, is ever vigilant, knowing his Master's infatuation with the beautiful new slave girl. So when the young lovers are undone will Nassara's courage and contrition be enough to save Zheeno? Must she confront the dreaded brush whip of serpents' tails? Will the ruthless Masters be yet more merciless than fate itself?

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ISBN (Print): 9781903931677
ISBN (Electronic): 9781907753589
Genre: BDSM
Date Published: 03/02/2012
Publisher: Andrews UK Limited

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