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Author(s): Bruce McLachlan

As a teenager, Kira experiences a strange dream about a mysterious woman who enters her bedroom and seduces her. She forgets the incident until years later, when she finds herself hunted through the streets of the city, her memory fragmented. Delivered by the woman of her dreams, she finds herself in a subterranean world where supernatural forces thrive and complex webs of intrigue revolve around guests and slaves alike. As a sexual slave, she serves to entertain and amuse the guests, disciplined severely for her errors or the pleasure of others, trained to obey her overseers, and taught the truth of what she has become, and who her mysterious owners are. In a world of living furniture, pets and servants, only appetite has meaning.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781907753091
Date Published: 06/13/2012
Publisher: Andrews UK Limited

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