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Angela's Child

Author(s): Bruce Cooke

Dad's in Queensland-somewhere?

Alone in the world, fifteen year old Michael Kelly sets out to find a father who doesn't know he exists. Along the way he discovers life is far from sanitized and it takes him into a world of drugs, prostitution and theft. He faces up to the fact he might never find his father but thanks to Sam, his father's wife, Michael learns that life is not as hard as he imagined. Can he live with the fact he now has a new family but can't bring himself to tell them the truth?



The boat began to rock violently and things began to roll around the floor of the boat.

One of the lifejackets perched at the front of the boat fell into the water and Michael grabbed desperately for it. “Shit,” he said to himself and then reached for the gaff, but the life jacket was already out of reach. “Tony, put on the other jacket now,” he said sternly and helped the young boy fit his arms into the straps.'

“What about the other one” said Tony anxiously. “I'll get it in a moment, pull up your line, we're going in.”

Tony did as he was told as the waves began to get higher and higher rocking the boat from side to side. A large wave crashed over the bow drenching both boys and flooding the engine. Tony began to cry as Michael pulled at the cord in an endeavor to start the engine. The drift had taken them out into the center of the bay, and the wind seemed more ferocious away from the shelter of the point. The motor refused to respond so Michael fitted the oars to the rowlocks and tried to row back to the marina. Rain began to fall in torrential quantities and the marina had disappeared from view.

Then it happened. A huge wave picked up the boat and rolled it over throwing both boys into the water. Michael swam as quickly as he could to Tony's bobbing head and grabbed his hands putting both around one of the oars. Tony hung on dearly, his eyes wide in terror.

“Hang on Tony, you have the life jacket on. Just don't let go of the oar and you'll be all right,” he shouted. The waves pounded the both of them and Tony began to drift away from the flaying Michael who tried desperately to get back to him. In no time at all Michael found himself alone in the water knowing he was in deep trouble.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615725243
Genre: Young Adult
Date Published: 11/11/2011
Publisher: Eternal Press

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