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Another Believer

Author(s): Stephanie Vaughan

 Jonah Simpson might be an athlete, but he's nobody's fool.  It just so happens he appreciates what's between a guy's ears almost as much as what he's packing elsewhere.  So when he spots an open seat next to serious but sexy David, the usually boring train ride up the Pacific coast quickly becomes an exercise in speed-dating.  He's only got a few hours to get the nerd with an attitude to take him seriously.

David Sato has spent a lifetime being ignored by the hot guys at school.  It doesn't take a genius IQ to know that if a jock is being nice to him, there must be a test coming up.  So when the hottest guy David's ever laid eyes on -- let alone sat next to on a train – starts flirting with him, what's a robot-loving, socially awkward science geek to do?

Originally published in Torquere’s Kegs and Dorms anthology


 The legs now stretched out beside him were lean and tanned, with a light dusting of reddish-blond hair. David tried not to gawk. He’d admired the view from behind earlier in the train station, casting admiring glances and doing his best to be discreet, even going so far as to offer up a brief plea to the universe that the tall man with the seriously hot bod would be on his train. He wouldn’t have had the hubris to ask that said cute guy would sit next to him. That would use up a year’s worth of good luck, and there was still the dorm and roommate lottery to get through.

The train was already moving, pulling out of Union Station and into the hazy sunshine that was L.A. in the fall. Forcing himself to look away, David tried to focus on the scenery, such as it was, and away from maybe the hottest guy he’d ever seen, let alone rubbed forearms with. The empty vista formed by the cement channel of the Los Angeles River, even with its colorful graffiti and eye-catching collection of debris, was no match for the nicely muscled arm that now rested near David’s. Not even close.

David’s overactive imagination had no trouble supplying him with scenarios for what he’d like that very attractive forearm to do, beginning with slipping down over David’s thigh and stroking firmly up and down his inseam a few times before cupping his crotch.

Aw, man.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-61040-666-6
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 03/12/2014
Publisher: Torquere Press

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