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Bad Witch Rising

Author(s): Heather Long

An ancient evil is hunting her best friend...
Evil exists. It lives. It breathes. It hunts. And it has a body count. 
A dangerous secret haunts her dearest ally…
War changes people. Life changes them. Sometimes, they become something else entirely.
An internal investigation threatens her lover…
Life is about the choices made, the decisions reached, and the actions taken. What Jack did to protect her could cost them everything.
Betrayal lurks around every corner…
When one of their own turns on them, this earth witch will dig deep to become the rock holding them together—and the hammer to split the darkness. For Chance Monroe, this will be a long summer…


The state of the body, the location, and the manner of death were an obvious warning. Only a stupid person wouldn’t see it.
“Syd.” I kept my voice gentle, soothing. Her ragged tears slashed my heart to ribbons. I wanted to cry with her. “Who knows?”
“Just the family. Wellington’s girlfriend was the investigator on the scene and she’s keeping it quiet.”
Okay, quiet in Manassas meant avoiding federal and state involvement. It wouldn’t last, particularly if more bodies started showing up.
“Do you want me to call Victor?” Victor Callanport, head of Project Aegis, the FBI’s Special Task Force division, and a telepath. He and Sydney were on-again, off-again. Or at least I think they were. He’d been curiously silent for the last few weeks. So silent, I’d begun to miss his weekly nagging phone calls to join his task force as a consultant.
“No,” Sydney sniffed. “This is personal. My parents want to handle it.”
Jaime frowned, but shook his head once when I raised my eyebrows. We could talk later. Message received.
“The fetish?” I pushed.
“It’s a barrier, privatizing the shop. It’s a public location so the invitation is implied, but mother doesn’t want me unprotected since I refused to close.” Carmette likely had a wealth of spell locked booby traps lying in wait for the first trespasser.
As Sydney gathered the threads of her composure, Jaime relaxed his hold, backing off. I stayed put, releasing her only when Sydney pulled away with a teary half-smile.
“I’m sorry. I should have called you.”
Water under the bridge. “We’re here now.” Sydney didn’t need to be chided or have her ass kicked. “What can we do?”
“I don’t know. Have either of you ever dealt with a vampire before?”
“No and I wasn’t much help the last time. I’d always thought they were a twisted kind of fairy tale before the Reston attacks.” As the area’s hedge witch, I’d encountered my share of paranormal critters from fairies to imps and even a golem, but vampires? Not so much.
Jaime sighed, his hands retreating to his pockets. Something in the sigh jerked my attention. A muscle ticked in his jaw and his lips pursed, as though he tasted something unpleasant.
“I have.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781927454510
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 10/07/2013
Publisher: Champagne Books

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