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A Week in Milan

Getting what she wants isn't going to be easy…
Designer department store owner Giovanni Monastero thought moving to LA would help him forget the nightmare of his childhood. Until he visits Milan during Fashion Week with one of their designers he doesn't realize how much his past still haunts him.
Fashion designer Amanda Hart has been chewed up and spat out by her son's father. The only dating she does now is in her dreams. None of the guys she fantasizes about can hurt her. When the star of those fantasies offers her the career chance of a lifetime "no" isn't an option even though it means spending a week in close contact with him.
With one dream coming true, will Amanda have the courage to go after another?
Content Warning: contains smoldering sex, enough doubt to keep an island afloat, and more persuasion than a guy should need.

Gio's room was the mirror image of hers—stylish and beautiful. Amanda found focusing on the details of anything else helped calm the swarm of nerves in her stomach. Maybe that was the key to this flirting. Pretend to do something else and let her body do it for her. Though knowing her luck she'd end up leaning too far forward to flash her chest and let her nipples take a dip in her meal.
No, flirting was probably best left to those who knew what they were doing.
She spotted Gio on the balcony. He gripped the rail at either side as he enjoyed the view. With some effort, she managed not to stare at his backside, and made her way out into the warm air.
Gio turned to greet her, but stopped with his lips slightly parted. His gaze slid down her body, and it felt as if it were his hands on her. When his attention lifted, those golden eyes had gone a shade darker. Finally he saw her as a woman.
He cleared his throat. "Così bella."
She knew enough Italian to know he'd called her beautiful. "Thank you."
Gio pulled a chair out from the rustic breakfast table next to them. Two glasses were there as well as a bottle of Merlot. Thank you, God. Alcohol was just what she needed. Amanda slid into the chair and he took the seat opposite.
"Do you like red?" he asked as he lifted the bottle. She nodded, and he poured. "Were you hoping to go out later?"
"No. Why would you ask?" She was sure when they'd spoken before she'd told him room service would be fine.
"You look stunning tonight. I wondered whether you wished to go out to show off your gorgeous creation." He winked at her and her insides melted.
"Um…no. I had nothing casual with me." It wasn't a lie. She'd packed for Fashion Week, not dates on the balcony. Even though it wasn't really a date.
"The men of Milan will be heartbroken to know that they missed the opportunity to get a glimpse of you."
Was he flirting? Surely not. "I don't date."
His smile vanished. "Why not?"
Amanda downed half the contents of her glass and wondered how much to say. Really, it wasn't like it was a secret but talking about…about him always upset her. Still, with Gio she felt a weird strength that hadn't been there before. Either that or the wine had hit her bloodstream faster than a shot of heroin.
"Kale's father. He knocked my confidence. I haven't felt attractive or trusted a man since."

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781940744032
Genre: Romance
Date Published:
Publisher: Beachwalk Press

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