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GENERATIONS: Birth of an American Aristocracy

Author(s): Jon D. Zimmer

Jack Gilbert is many things to many people. Lover, adulterer, murderer, politician, and corporate giant are but a few titles he has earned. It is his thirst for more that can never be quenched, and as each new generation of Gilberts emerges, there is little realization that the family’s wealth has come at great expense to others. If the love of money is the root of all evil, Jack Gilbert is the devil personified.
Joshette unlocks the door and leads Jack inside. She begins to undress, sits on the desk, parts her legs, and tells Jack to hurry. Jack lowers her onto the desk and the passion is immediate. He puts his arm under her head and pulls her gently to him. Afterward, they go to the Colonial Hotel for dinner and drinks, but are relatively silent.
Joshette says, "You don't need to make an excuse for my behavior. I wanted sex, and you were in a position where I took advantage of your male hormones."
"That's not true. I felt more than animal gratification. I felt an expression of something more than mere sexual pleasure." He stops, gets a naughty smile, then continues, "I think we are going to have to do this again until I can find out exactly what it is that I’m feeling."
Joshette has a haughty laugh as she says, "You are a man, a sensitive, loving, attractive man, a man that every woman wants, but you are still a man, a man who wants to sanctify his hormones into something more than animal urges. She too gets a naughty smile and says, "I will, however, continue to help you find that feeling."
The next two days Jack and Joshette are like two lovers who have just discovered love, where they are the only ones who have ever experienced this special thing between a man and a woman. They meet everywhere to consummate their newly discovered love, and the passion is is like nothing they have ever experienced. Jack is not this close to his own wife.
Forced to leave his French lover following the war, Jack returns to California and forms the Gilbert Industries Corporation, firmly entrenched in war profiteering, and he becomes a millionaire before the age of thirty. When his uncle is killed, Jack is devastated, but he has also inherited his uncle’s wealth with which he purchases an extravagant house in the Hollywood Hills. As new wars begin, making the Gilberts even wealthier, Jack’s idealist beliefs all but vanish. After all, it is some of his businesses that manufacture weapons for war. When Jack’s son goes to war, he is torn. He knows the horrors of war, and thoughts of his French lover that he left behind long ago begin to haunt him, but his greed and Gilbert Industries thrive.
Jack's wedding present to his son, David, is a three bedroom home in the hills with beautiful views of the San Fernando Valley. As they pull into the drive, David’s wife, Sandra, find it hard to believe that this is her home. She is also just beginning to realize how wealthy David's parents are. "I can't believe this is going to be David's and my home."
Jack has been a silent bystander through all of the emotion revolving around the house. He breaks his silence and motions for Sandra and David to follow him. He opens the door to the garage and points to a new Mercedes. "How do you like it?"
David spends the following day with his father to determine what his role in Gilbert Industries will be. The months fly by. Then the unthinkable happens. Sandra is killed, leaving David with a young son to raise alone, but suspicions are raised that the child is not his. David chooses to ignore the probability, for now.
As the years go by, predictions of a developing caste system in the United States seem to be materializing. The Gilbert family is a member of the wealthy caste, the caste that all of the generations of Gilberts have fought against, and David has so much wealth that the current system will effortlessly grow his wealth at the expense of an evaporating middle class.
His son is now the Chief Executive Officer of Gilbert Industries, and is suspected of embezzlement.
David panics, not knowing what to do, and fearing that the Gilbert wealth is in jeopardy.


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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-6184-5254-2
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Date Published: 01/31/2014
Publisher: Beau to Beau Books

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