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Primal Menage

Primal Menage

Author(s): Cheri Lane

The reclusive Wolf family live deep in the woods and Maddy has been hired as nanny to their two boys while the Wolf couple are away.  According to rumor they are leaving for their yearly feeding frenzy but knowing that Wolf is their last name and not what they are, Maddy pays no attention to idle hearsay.  When she arrives at the secluded house, she is stunned to find that the two boys are grown men.  Instructed to satisfy their needs, she has been strongly cautioned never to follow them when they retreat into the woods for extended periods of time.  Maddy makes herself comfortable in the huge stone mansion in the woods not expecting the brothers to demand the unthinkable of her, each drawn to her by his own primal instinct.
A drop of blood from his broken skin slid down his chin.  His voice softened as he slid his hand down the back of Maddy and inside her skirt.  “You just might like it.”  His mouth was strong and a finger was wedged between her butt cheeks where her thong was cutting into her. 

“Your finger…it’s cutting me.” 

“Have I made you bleed?” 

Maddy feared this man who was both wild and weird.  His mouth was on hers again and he forced his hand from inside her skirt.  He placed a firm hand on her crotch beneath her skirt and lifted her easily.  He laid her on the bed and wedged her legs between his. 

Adolpho did not go slowly.  He seared the tender flesh with his powerfulness and Maddy sucked in her breath.  She was not prepared for him but as he pulled and pushed her to fulfill his own need, she closed her eyes and began to enjoy the ride.  No one had ever done to her what the two wolf men had done to her.  Maddy felt her body being brought to the line again and again; that sliver of an edge where pain met pleasure.  She gasped with the pleasure and bit her lip with the pain. 


There was something about Leon that had stumped the psychiatric community.  His raw meat preference carried over into sex.  He seemed to know everything about women and their cycles and his sex drive was strongest right before… and then it stopped.  At the very bottom it stated that women should be careful around him as there would always be the unfortunate possibility that she could be mistaken for food… at a certain time… and he would go too far.  Maddy tried to find something to assure her that he had never gone too far, that he had never gotten that aroused, but there was nothing. 


“My dear, this is our new son, Ryol.” 

Maddy held out her hand and the man eyed it curiously.  Mrs. Wolf took the young man’s hand in hers, not knowing what he might do with the extended hand of a stranger. 

“He is quite shy.  You may go now, Ryol.” 

The sexy man practically ran back toward the kitchen and to the safety of Mr. Wolf. 

Maddy turned the knob on the front door and Mrs. Wolf placed her hand with the claw-like fingernails over hers. 

“I will be needing a nanny again in a few months.  With three boys now, the salary will be tripled.  My boys were very happy with you.  You met their needs and more.  Are you available?”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-6184-5053-1
Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 02/02/2012
Publisher: Beau to Beau Books

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