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Voluptuous Vixens - Candace

Author(s): Chloe Glint

When Candace embarrasses herself in front of a man in a bar, she would have been more than happy to never see him again, even if he was the most gorgeous specimen she had ever seen.  Unfortunately, the next day he arrives at the scene of the movie that she is directing.  Her friend had scouted the man, Don, for a job as a mover, a part for which Candace desperately needed to find someone.  She decides that she wouldn't turn him down just because she had been foolish, and she agrees to hire him.  Unfortunately, that's when the trouble really begins.

Candace felt somebody touch her shoulder and it caused her to jump for the second time that night.  Swearing like a sailor, she hit the nearest body part she could reach.  It turned out to be a man's hard stomach.  She stepped back, bag over her shoulder, prepared to do what every city woman would do.  As she was poised to strike, recognition occurred.  Mr. Hunky stood there in his business suit that was now significantly more wrinkled than before she had touched him.  She was shocked.  Just because moments before she had day dreamed about peeling the man's clothes off didn't mean she was going to be easy.  A scowl crossed her face.

"What do you think you are doing, grabbing a woman like that?"  Candace's voice was a growl.

"You dropped your cell phone."  The man pointed behind her. 

Silence fell.  Candace felt around inside of the pocket of her green leather jacket and froze.  No cell phone.  Heat filled her face.  There is no freaking way I could have been that stupid.  She gulped as her stomach slithered around like a snake.  All of the sudden she felt icky on the inside.  Of course there was no way Mr. Hunky had planned to ransack her in the dark hallway of the bar.  He could have had any woman in the place at a single command.  With a groan, Candace grabbed a strand of curly auburn hair and twirled it around her finger nervousness.  The fact that Mr. Hunky was grinning at her, green eyes sparkling, did not make matters easier to digest.  Maybe she would have been less embarrassed if Mr. Hunky wasn't…well…so darn hunky.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-6184-5175-0
Genre: Erotic Romance
Date Published: 04/12/2013
Publisher: Beau to Beau Books

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