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Beloved Soul

Author(s): Shelly Pratt

How far would you go for a love that comes along once in a lifetime?

A lonely existence on an island with secrets brings Audrina one step closer to her destiny with a man who has certain ‘abilities’. With the intensity of her new found relationship Audrina falls headlong into adventure and discovery—delving into a life she didn’t even know existed. But all is not smooth sailing. As struggles for independence surface between Audrina and her family, a threat of war looms on the horizon between long feuding rivals. In the aftermath of conflict, secrets will be revealed before a new kind of destruction threatens the whole island’s civilization.


I needn’t be disappointed, for there, a short distance from the shore, was the same man I saw the previous day, looking all the more intriguing. He hadn’t given any sign that he had seen me and it gave me a moment to really see what he looked like.

I thought he looked quite a bit older than me, but without having seen many men to compare him with I couldn’t quite guess his age. My father had always looked eternally youthful to me, and I’d never really paid much attention to the looks of the men in our village. This man had such a shock of blonde hair, and whilst he was built like a man, he still possessed a boyish youth about him. His shoulders were that wide; they were almost out of proportion to his slim waist. The suddenness with which he turned put my heart in my mouth instantly. I had a sense that I should feel abashed about his almost naked body, but his eyes were the part of him that held my attention.

A smile tugged at the corners of his mouth, and he raised his hand to wave. All I could do was stand there like a gawking idiot, waiting for the ground to swallow me up to stave off my embarrassment at being caught watching him. My discomfort evoked a full blown smile from him now. He made a decision, and with one swift movement, dived under the ocean’s surface and swam towards me.

The speed with which he swam to the sand left me bewildered as to whether he was actually closer to the shore line than I thought. I stood still, not wanting to say or do anything to startle him. He walked right up to me, and it was only now that I fully saw his eyes. Although you could have said they were blue, it wasn’t quite accurate. They had flecks of violet in them that made you think he was looking at a field of purple flowers and they were reflecting in his eyes. I took a reflexive step back, the way you do when someone gets too close and you can’t help yourself even if you tried. Mustering all the courage I could, I decided to introduce myself.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615727803
Genre: Young Adult
Date Published: 11/07/2012
Publisher: Eternal Press

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