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Beneath the Velvet Blue Moon

Book Title: Blue Moon Enchantment

Author(s): Candace Gold

Nadine meets Michael, the man of her dreams, on summer vacation. Beneath a Blue Moon, they pledge to meet the following year, but tragedy intervenes preventing her from returning. Until fate and another Blue Moon years later bring them together again.


“Which star do you want to wish on, Nadine?” Father asked as we leaned against the railing, gazing up at the brilliant star-studded summer sky.

I pointed to the brightest and we each made a wish.

Sometimes when there were two full moons in one month—Blue Moons—which happened approximately every two and a half years, we made special wishes. All my wishes were special to me, for I always wished for a handsome prince to come and sweep me off my feet. However, I was willing to wait until I grew up.

The summer of my nineteenth year, my wish came true. That was when I met Michael Greene. Michael was everything I’d dreamed my prince would be and we spent those sun-kissed days together. I have to admit, though, we met in a most unconventional way.

On the second day of our vacation, my parents, both English professors, were fast at work on the novel they were co-authoring.  Basically, that left me pretty much on my own.  I grabbed my beach bag and scribbled a note telling them I’d gone to the small beach on the other side of the lake. Chances were I’d be back before they even read the note, anyway.  I only liked to bask, not bake, in the sun.  Being a redhead with fair skin, my freckles didn’t need new relatives.

I found a nice spot not too far from the water and spread out my blanket. Then I took my book from the bag, stretched out on my stomach, and began to read. Suddenly, out of nowhere, something hit the sand a few inches from my nose.

“What the…!”

“I’m so sorry,” a deep male voice said as a hand reached out to help me to a sitting position.

I couldn’t actually see him because I had sand in my eyes, not to mention the ton that found its way into the top of my bathing suit.

“Stay right there—don’t move. I’ll be right back,” he said.

I tried to shake some of the sand off me in the few moments he was gone. He returned with wet towels and gently began to wipe the sand off my face.  I opened my eyes to find myself gazing into beautiful eyes.

“Better, huh?” he asked.

“Much.” I took the towel from him and wiped the sand from my shoulders and chest. Now that I could see again, I took in the rest of him, from the tussled full head of blue-black hair hanging over his forehead, the straight nose and dimpled chin, to his muscled arms and chest. In my wildest dreams, I couldn’t have conjured up a more handsome guy.

He grabbed the offending missile—a volley ball—and apologized again. “Look, it was an accident. I’m really okay.”

Before he could reply, another guy with bronzed skin and windblown hair trotted over. “Hey, you coming back to play?”

My handsome stranger wrinkled his nose and shook his head.  “Nah. Play without me,” he replied, tossing the ball to the other guy.

“Catch you later,” the guy said as he ran off with the ball.

“I’d like to make it up to you. Can I buy you a drink or something to eat at the snack bar?”

“My mother told me never to go off with strangers,” I teased.

He smacked his forehead. “Forgive me for not introducing myself.  I’m Michael Greene,” he said, extending his hand.

I shook his hand and said, “I’m Nadine Stone.”

He grinned, his green eyes twinkling. “Now that we’re no longer strangers, how about getting something to eat at the snack bar?”

“I really should clean up first.”

“No. I don’t want to waste a moment.”

“I’ll only be a few minutes,” I protested.

“You might disappear before I can learn everything there is to know about you.”
























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Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 06/01/2006

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