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Contract Bride

Author(s): Ayn Amorelli

Bob was desperate.

He had a once in a lifetime chance to become a millionaire. But in order to get his hands on the 20 million bucks left to him by his late aunt he had to get married and father a child within ten months.

Kayla was equally desperate. Let go when her boss was fired Kayla was unemployed and living beyond her means. She was about to be kicked out of her apartment and about to have her car repossessed. Desperate to hang onto her apartment she took a job at Bob's friend's topless maid service. But when Bob offers her the chance to make two million dollars by signing his contract, becoming his wife and having his child she jumps at the chance.

Kayla had set down her cleaning supplies and was starting to unbutton her coat, darting furtive glances at him. Although she was obviously shy, there was something in her gaze which intrigued him and he sensed a high degree of intelligence.

Would it make it easier for you if I closed my eyes? he teased. Or you could pretend Im a doctor checking you over.

Looking puzzled, she finally smiled, catching on.

Youre right on time, he murmured, trying hard not to stare at her slowly opening coat as a tantalizing view of a perfect female body was revealed.

This is my first job doing this, she whispered, hoping it explained her awkwardness.

I know. Just take your time. Theres no need to rush. Truth be known, her slow, unskilled movements were more erotic than anything hed ever experienced. He felt seventeen again, wanting her so badly it hurt. But he didnt dare voice his thoughts. She was nervous enough as it was. If shed had any idea of how hard his penis was, she wouldve run out of there. Fortunately, she was too shy to even look where she wouldve seen evidence of his desire against the rough denim fabric of his jeans.

Although Kayla was grateful he was being so kind, his green eyes had enlarged slightly, clearly showing his sexual interest. And he hadnt once looked at anything but her since shed started unbuttoning her coat. That made her even more awkward, her fingers fumbling badly with the buttons.

Watching her success with the last of those infernal buttons, Bob quickly eased behind her to help her shed the thing.

Kayla involuntarily stiffened as she felt his gentle fingers close around the collar of her coat, gently brushing her neck and shoulders as he pulled it down, then slowly over her arms and completely off her.

Relax, dear, he urged. I wont bite. Unless, of course, you want me to. Feeling tingles travel up and down her spine as her heartbeat increased she felt drawn to him like a magnet and leaned slightly back, as need became more important than logic. She could just imagine this good-looking stranger sucking and lightly nibbling her breasts, screwing her right then and there.

Hiding his satisfaction at her receptiveness as he hung up her coat in the large cedar lined closet, he watched over his shoulder as her nipples beaded tightly. She was ready for him now. Just as ready as he was for her. Soon, very soon, hed make her an offer. Mentally, he relaxed a little. Hed made his choice. Next on the agenda was getting her to accept it.

Turning to face him, Kayla was more aware of her body than shed ever been in her life. He was close enough to her she could feel his body heat which intensified his fragrant after shave.

For a long moment, they stared into each others eyes, not more than six inches apart with their expressions bland, but their eyes enlarged. It was, she knew, the beginning of the mating game, as irrational as it was, considering she was there to do a job and theyd just met.

Feeling more alive than shed been in a long time, she stopped questioning it and instead followed his lead, running her eyes over him as hed started doing to her.

He wasnt only good-looking with lots of light brown curly hair framing his handsome, square-jawed face, he was downright virile looking with his huge green eyes reminding her of a lion. He had a great physique. His broad shoulders and well muscled biceps, partially visible beneath his short sleeves, were deeply tanned. His tight knit shirt outlined the planes of his muscled chest, then tapered down to a trim waist. He was tall too, well over six feet. Shed always been attracted to tall men.

For some reason, shed assumed Mr. Griffins clients were all dirty old men whod be leering salaciously at her, maybe even drooling, wheezing old geezers whod quickly back off at the slightest challenge. This tall, well-built man, she realized, wouldnt.

His erect posture with his broad shoulders firmly back, his calm demeanor as he met her eyes when she looked up at him, his very closeness, standing within inches of her, were all unnerving. Self-confidence literally radiated off him.

Were all Mr. Griffins customers this good-looking? Dear God! She hoped not. There was only so much excitement a girl could take.

Afraid hed give into the temptation to screw her right there, Bob turned away abruptly, trying to will his stretching penis into submission. He wanted to push her against the nearest wall, pull down her black lace panties, and plunge his penis deeply into her. But while itd sure satisfy the hell out of him for the moment, itd probably scare her so much shed bolt half-nude outside where all his neighbors could see what was going on. Later, theyd have fun and games. But not yet. Not this soon.

You have a lot to clean up, he barked, sounding more harsh than hed intended as he headed into the living room. Realizing how dictatorial he sounded, he paused, getting himself under control. But Ill help, he assured her, keeping his eyes off her breasts with an effort.

Puzzled by his quick change of mood, going from seduction to strictly business in what had to be record time, Kayla picked up her case of cleaning supplies and followed him. What she wanted was to get out of there as fast as she could. But she couldnt. She needed the money too much. She wished she knew the rules of her new job though. When Mr. Griffin hired her, hed said hed give her some guidelines to go by. Unfortunately, this assignment had come up so fast, he hadnt had time to tell her what they were.

Aware of the moisture between her thighs which had been brought about from his nearness and her wayward thoughts, she quickly strode into the living room as fast as she could in her precariously high heels. I doubt if youre supposed to help. I think youre just supposed to watch.

That wasnt my understanding, he countered.

WellI guess you can thenif you really want to, she said, stepping over one of the large couch cushions to get to the scattered supplies beyond.

I want todo a lot of things with you, he muttered, joining her, getting down beside her, leaning close, swiping a large package of tracing papers out of her reach to get her attention. But right now Ill settle for you slowing down and relaxing a little. Ill even double the pay for tonight, if you do.

What the hell, he wasnt paying a dime for her tonight. Personally, I prefer to go slow and thorough, taking my time with everything. And I like my women to be the same way.

Hed double the pay? Was he serious? Are you sure thats all you want? I mean, Ill be glad to do it like that, but-- Then she stiffened, wanting, but unable to move away, as he gently trailed his fingertips down her arm. She was intensely aware of his broad shoulders close to her breasts as he held her eyes.

Thats all Im asking you to do, he whispered seductively.

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ISBN (Print): 0-9774682-6-7
ISBN (Electronic): 0
Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 05/30/2006
Publisher: Black Velvet Seductions

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