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Intimate Submission

Domestic Discipline Short Story

Author(s): Cara Bristol

Reese wanted Jamie's submission.

Jamie was convinced she needed to hold something back, just for herself but holding back is escalating the tension in her marriage.

Finally Reese issues the ultimate ultimatum. Will Jamie surrender the final piece of herself to Reese's mastery or will she rebel against the unfairness of the ultimatum?

This story includes M/f spanking, anal play with toys, and anal sex.


Jamie Douglass paused outside the offices of Reese Thomas Enterprises and tugged at her too-short and overly-tight black skirt, regretting her choice of attire. Shed worn her favorite mini and her highest heels because today she needed the confidence they usually afforded her.

All of her hopes hinged on the outcome of this job interview. Since graduating from college three years ago with a bachelors in business, shed worked as a project manager for a software development company. When the economy took a turn for the worse, her boss, a teddy bear of a man, had been forced to let her go. Hed been as upset as she wasalmost. Shed sent out scores of rsums, but the only one that resulted in a call was the one to Reese Thomas Enterprises.

Assistant needed to handle special assignments for hard-driven, intense executive of business consulting firm. Must be able to multi-task, operate out-of-the-box, push the envelope, yet thrive on discipline. Desire motivated, responsive individual willing to perform under pressure in return for exceptional reward and excellent benefits.

As it turned out, her former boss knew the companys chief executive and founder and put in a good word for her. To Jamie, he offered a pep talkof sorts.

If Reese seems hard and stern, its because he is. But hes also uncompromisingly fair. He demands a hundred and ten percent, but he gives the same. Dont let him scare you. Youre a terrific asset to any company, and Im certain you two will hit it off. Youre perfect for him.

Poised on the threshold with her old bosss words ringing in her ears, Jamies doubts caused her stomach to churn. How could she satisfy someone who expected a hundred and ten percent? Taking a deep breath, she pushed open the door and stepped inside.

Her feet sank into lush, thick carpeting as she surveyed the rich mahogany furniture and the original art adorning the walls. A professionally-coiffed and uber-efficient-looking receptionist was retrieving her purse from a drawer in her L-shaped marble-topped desk.

She smiled at Jamies approach. May I help you? She set her purse on the credenza.

Im Jamie Douglass. I have a twelve oclock appointment with Reese Thomas.

The secretary arched one eyebrow. Yes, of course. She nodded and picked up the phone. Ill let him know.

The receptionist looked at Jamie. His conference call is running longer than expected. Please take a seat. Hell be with you shortly. If youll excuse me, I was on my way to lunch.

Jamie tugged at her skirt again before perching on a hand-tooled leather sofa. She pressed her legs together and kept her posture straight, wanting to make a good first impression.

The minutes ticked by. Five. Ten. Fifteen. As she waited, her nervousness grew. By the time the door opened and a man emerged, Jamies flip-flopping stomach had mastered the chacha and two other dances.

Piercing eyes zeroed in on her. Are you here for the job interview? His raspy, commanding tone sent a shiver up her spine.

Yes, sir, she answered automatically. She rose as he approached, craning her neck to see his face. Im Jamie Douglass.

His unfriendly features appeared carved out of stone. Although it was only midday, a new beard shadowed his jaw.

His chin was square, his mouth firm, but it was his eyes that caused her stomach to flutter with trepidation. Flinty gray, they betrayed no emotion, only impassive disregard. No one would dare call him handsome. Deadly attractive, brutally sexy, but never handsome. Despite her nerves, her body quivered in response to his rugged masculinity.

Reese Thomas? She extended her hand courageously.

Reese Nichols, he corrected as he shook her hand with an aggressive grip. He had strong hands, broad fingers. Thomas was my father. I named the company after myself and my father.

Stupid! She cursed silently as heat flooded her face. Why hadnt she checked that out? Of course, she forced out an answer. I apologize.

This close she could smell the soap he used and a wholly masculine scent that was all his own. His gaze swept over her, assessing and appraising, as if to glean from her demeanor whether she could handle the job. She felt his scrutiny as a palpable thing, stroking her from head to toe. Her ears buzzed. Her stomach fluttered as her pussy surged with wetness and her nipples started to salute. Jamies heart thumped in horror as desire hit her like a bullet train at rush hour. Never in her twenty-five years had she experienced such a strong reaction to a man.

She didnt want to feel this way about a stranger, a potential employer no less, and judging from his shuttered expression, her desire was one-sided, so why did she feel abandoned when he released her hand?

You were on time, he said. His voice sounded as rough as his beard would be grazing over her breast, before sliding lower

Stop it! She suppressed the erotic images that flooded her mind. She moistened her dry lips. Yes, sir.


Reese stifled a curse. Two words. The two simple words spoken by a woman with the voice of a phone sex operator shot straight to his cock. Yes, sir. Fuck me harder, sir, Reese imagined her pleading. Until this moment, he hadnt realized how much he enjoyed being called sir.

Based on his college buddys glowing recommendation, hed been expecting a middle-aged, sexless paragon. But when he had opened his office door, her sexuality had decked him like a sucker punch. Shed straightened her shoulders and stiffened her spine, but her bravado couldnt mask the sexy-as-hell vulnerability in her brown eyes, nor the faint trembling of her rosy mouth designed by God for sucking cock.

Shed attempted to subdue her sexuality by raking her hair into a tight coil and donning a sharply-tailored jacket to cover the swell of her breasts, but she had betrayed her nature by donning fuck-me shoes. Her stilettos made her legs a mile long, gave sway to her walk, and thrust out her chest. God, he loved fuck-me shoes.

She was a captivating mix of innocence and wantonness. His gut told him that under the right mans handshisher ass in particular, and her sexuality in general, would blossom like a hothouse rose. He didnt want to hire her; he wanted to paddle her ass and then fuck her every which way to Monday and it was only Friday.

Reese gestured for her to precede him. After you, Ms. Douglass.

Its Miss Douglass, sir.

Reese shut the office door behind them and noticed that Jamie jumped a little. So youre not one of those hard-core feminist types? He couldnt resist teasing her.

She turned to face him, her chin raised to meet the challenge. Certainly I believe a woman ought to use her abilities to her greatest potential, but I am not a man.

Thank God, for that, Reese thought. Have a seat. He gestured toward a wooden club chair fronting his desk. May I call you Jamie?

Yes, sir, she answered, and another shock ricocheted through his hardening cock.

He took his own seat, noting that her eyes were riveted on his desk. He glanced at the gleaming surface and had the urge to leap over the barrier and bend her over the polished wood.

She raised her gaze to meet his, and he watched as her cheeks turned rosy. He wondered what hidden thoughts had brought the color to her face and if those thoughts had anything to do with the hard nipples beading through her lightweight jacket. Her curvy ass would probably turn as pretty a pink as her face if he spanked her. His rock hard cock urged him to find out.

At thirty-seven, Reese was still searching for the right woman to warm his heart and his bed. Hed long ago recognized his dominant nature and his need to control, but he didnt want a doormat. Hed dated a few submissives, but theyd lacked spunk. Other women played along, but it wasnt their nature to submit. He desired fire and spice with his sugar, someone a little shy, yet adventurous under his guiding hand. A woman who was submissive, but also passionate and sassy.

Jamies part professional, part sex-kitten attire and her deferential responses seemed to indicate she might be that woman. Reeses gut told him she was the one. He trusted his gut. It was never wrong.

Reese held her gaze and leaned forward. I need to make something perfectly clear before we proceed. Im looking for someone who can think for herself, who isnt afraid to try new things, but who knows my word is final. Im demanding, but fair. I have high expectations. Satisfy me and youll be rewarded.

He paused. Fail, and there are consequences for that, too.


Jamies breath caught in her throat as her cunt spasmed. He was talking about the job, for Chrissakes! What was wrong with her that she inferred lewdness in his words, his tone?

Jamie? His eyes narrowed.

I understand.

So you think you perform well under firm discipline?

Jamie lifted her chin, faking confidence. I thrive on it, sir.

You have no problem submitting to authority? Reese leaned back in his chair. He undid the button of his jacket, and Jamies eyes were drawn to the way his near-black suit and crisp white shirt molded the lines of his muscular body. Desire fluttered in her stomach and to quell it, she dropped her gaze and focused on his desk.

Bad move. Instantly she pictured him bending her over the polished surface as he drove into her from behind. Jamie bit her lip to suppress a moan.

She forced herself to focus on his question. It was something about submitting to authority. That was it. Did she have trouble doing what she was told? No sir, she answered carefully. Why did his eyes flash every time she said, Yes, sir, or No, sir? I understand this is a supportive role. In my last position as a project manager

The interview passed in a blur. When she thought about it afterwards, she couldnt recall what Reese had asked or how shed answered, only that she had ached with sexual arousal.

At the conclusion of the interview, she stood up on quivering legs. She clamped them together in a futile attempt to control the trembling and halt the flow of moisture from her creaming pussy. Her nipples hurt. Thank you for the opportunity, she said, extending her hand as Reese rounded the desk.

Sexual energy jolted through her as he clasped it, but she forced herself to concentrate. She wet her lips. Couldcould you tell me when you expect to make a decision?

Ive already made it. His shuttered expression told her he wasnt yet going to share it with her. He exerted a subtle pressure to pull her closer to him before releasing her hand. Have lunch with me. It wasnt a request.

Run! Her rational mind screamed.

Yes, she agreed, then added, sir.

Do you know what happens to little girls who play with fire, Jamie? he asked in a low tone.

She tossed her head. They get burned?

They get spanked.

Jamie stifled a gasp, unable to believe what shed heard or her bodys traitorous response. Her pussy released a new surge of moisture and her clit pulsed. Her limbs felt rubbery. But he was just jokingflirting. Right?

Her stomach fluttered as she read the serious intent on his face. He really would spank her. No one had ever laid a hand on her. Her gaze dropped to his hands at his sides, hard and masculine, his fingers long and broad. She felt her eyes widen more as she noticed the erection tenting his slacks.

Lets go to lunch, Jamie, Reese rasped.

This was insane. Shed never reacted so strongly to anyone. What if by some miracle he offered her the job? She couldnt work here! She shouldnt even have lunch with him!

Yes. She nodded.

Reese guided her out of his office with a possessive hand on the small of her back. It burned through two layers of clothing to her flesh, leaving her to wonder if she would find a branded handprint on her skin. He did not release her once they exited the building, but maintained contact as if she might bolt.

If she had any sense, she would. She had a hunch Reese would demand more than shed ever considered giving to anyone. He would allow no holding back, no offering half measures, no keeping a part of herself inviolate and private.

Even though her rational mind urged her to flee, her painfully aroused body and thumping heart wouldnt let her. Something about him drew her to him, ignited a yearning deep within that she sensed only he could fulfill.

He led her to his vehicle, a low-slung, two-seater sports car, made for speed and power, but not for graceful entry while wearing heels and a micro-mini skirt. Jamie did her best, but her skirt rode even higher up her thighs. Once again, she cursed her clothing choice.

The cars interior was small and tight and seemed smaller still when Reese folded himself into the drivers seat and shut the door. She felt the heat emanating from his body and caught his masculine scent. It mingled with the richness of leather and, to her embarrassment, the not-so-faint musk of her arousal.

He turned to her, his gaze lingering on her mouth before shifting to her eyes. Buckle up, he said.

Her fingers fumbled over the seat belt, and he reached across her body to pull the strap and slip it into the buckle. She sucked in her breath at his closeness. Though he never actually made contact with her body, she was sharply, shamefully aware of him.

He handled the powerful car expertly, driving neither too fast nor too slow to the restaurant, an intimate, swanky place she had always wanted to try, but could never afford. The service was impeccable, the waiters efficient but unobtrusive, knowing when to appear, when to disappear. The food, she supposed, was excellent, though she tasted little of what she ate.

She discovered Reese had a light side, and he teased her to laughter. But the lightness didnt eliminate her roiling sexual need, or the hunger that flashed in his flinty eyes. They had finished lunch, and Jamie had declined dessert when Reese pulled out his cell phone.

Her heart stopped beating as she listened to him call his office and cancel his appointments for the remainder of the day. Youre not going to hire me, are you? She asked when he hung up.

No, Jamie, His tone was even as if he were discussing the meal theyd just eaten. Im going to spank your pretty little ass until its rosy pink, and then Im going to fuck you senseless.


Where are we going? Jamie asked as he seated her in his car.

He shut her door and rounded the vehicle, lowering himself into the leather drivers seat. He glanced at her. I have a condo in the city.

Oh. Jamie couldnt believe she was doing this. She was going to let this man fuck her, a man shed known less than a few hours. Her rational, reasonable, cautious mind rebelled, but her body and that inexplicable, nameless yearning overrode its concerns. Sexual desire coiled within her so tightly, she hurt. Shed never wanted a man so much in her entire life.

Reeses condo turned out to be a high-rise penthouse with a spectacular view of the city skyline through its floorto-ceiling windows. It was furnished with modern, masculine furniture and hard sleek surfaces that mirrored the hardness of the owner. She had only a moment to take it all in because Reese was there, behind her, turning her in his arms.

The muscles of his face were corded and taut, his eyes almost savage. The comments hed made in the interview discipline, submission, reward, punishmentreplayed in her mind, and her heartbeat quickened.

Kiss me! She wanted to scream, yet some inner wisdom held her tongue, knowing she needed to wait for his lead.

Would you like a glass of wine? Champagne? he asked. His words were civilized, his tone polite. It was her imagination that concocted a more dangerous current beneath the surface.

She shook her head. She was drunk enough on Reese.

Take off your jacket. No please, no if you like, and there was no mistaking the command in his tone now. She should have been outraged, should have rebelled on principle, but instead she felt a wet warmth between her legs and her nipples tighten.

Jamies fingers fumbled over the buttons of her lightweight black blazer, but she got it undone and slipped it off her shoulders. She tossed her jacket onto a nearby chair with a forced casualness. A blaze of lust ignited in Reeses eyes, but he made no move to touch her. Now, the rest of your clothes.

Jamies lips parted. He hadnt even kissed her yet! But She broke off her protest at the warning in his eyes.

Undressing with a lover had always just happened; it had never been approached with such deliberation. And never had she done it while he stood fully clothed, as if she were entertaining him with a private strip show. Her head bowed and she pulled off her camisole, the silk sliding over the tips of her aching breasts. The wisp of fabric joined the jacket. She had, she thought, rather average breasts with rosy brown areolas and long nipples, especially when excited to hardness as they were now. She wondered what Reese thought, but couldnt bring herself to peek at his face.

Every sense seemed to be heightened. She could hear her clothing sliding against her skin as she removed it, feel the brush of fabric like a strangers touch. Her breathing sounded loud in her ears. She could smell the earthy scent of him and her own arousal mingling. Her stomach churned as nervousness and desire warred within her. Her fingers fumbled with the zipper on her skirt, before managing to slide it down to permit the skirt to pool at her feet. She hesitated, then hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her lacy black thong and pulled it off, revealing neatly trimmed dark curls.

She was naked now except for her stilettos. Uncertain what to do about those, she decided to leave them on. Besides, she needed the extra height to counter Reeses towering presence. Steeling her courage, she lifted her chin and met his eyes.

In them she saw raw carnality but also approval. She realized his order for her to disrobe had been a test, and shed passed. She should have been annoyed, but instead felt curiously gratified that shed pleased him.

Reese reached out to tilt her head back. Jamies eyes closed as his mouth took possession of hers. His lips were smooth, yet firm, his stubbled jaw deliciously abrasive against her face. He didnt coax, but commanded a response, and she responded with fervor, her tongue twining with his, her teeth nipping at his lips, her body yielding against his. Her limbs felt loose and boneless, her core flooded with liquid heat.

He released the clip in her French twist, sending her hair cascading over her shoulders to mid-back. A growl rumbled in his chest as his hands slid down her body to grip her ass cheeks and pull her against his erection. He pressed hard and thick against her abdomen, the length of him seeming to go on forever. Her pussy clenched and wept at the size of him.

Her nipples ached for his touch and he must have read her mind because he covered her breasts, kneading the mounds before capturing the tips between his thumbs and forefingers. Sensation shot through her, a tormenting, gnawing ache. He played with the pebbled buds, rolling and pinching. It was too much to take and yet not enough. Jamie stifled a moan, arching her back.

Reese broke off the kiss. As he lifted her into his arms and carried her through the condo, she realized she was being swept away not only by his physical strength and commanding presence but also by her own churning emotions. She was careening down a Category Five rapid on a roiling river. All she could do was cling to him and hang on.

Like the living area, the bedroom appeared even more expansive because of the large windows that opened it to the sky. But the enormous bed, draped with a faux fur leopard cover, captured her attention. Jamie floated on a cloud of lust as Reese set her on her feet. His head bent and he seized one aching nipple in his mouth. Satisfaction shot through her from the tip of her breast to her womb. Her fists curled in his thick hair. His tongue swirled around the bud, teasing it, before his mouth closed tighter and he tugged it to even greater hardness. Curls of pleasure danced along her nerve endings. His teeth bit into her, and her pleasure spiked to a sharp, demanding hunger. She pressed against him, craving more.

His mouth shifted to the other breast, and his hand to her mound, toying with her curls before slipping into her slit.

Reese growled triumphantly. I knew you were wet for me. I could smell your pussy in my office, in my car.

His thumb honed in on her clit as two fingers slipped inside her. She moved against his hand, trying to take him deeper. He nipped hard on one distended bud, which would have driven Jamie over the edge had he not released her clit and pussy. He gently propelled her onto the bed, so she was lying flat. He pulled off her shoes and pressed her thighs apart. Spread your legs. I want to see you, he said.

Lying on his bed, spread before him, she felt onstage at top of the world, vulnerable and exposedyet more turned on than shed ever been in her life. She stifled fears about getting involved with a man who demanded not only her body but submission, too.

Youre so beautiful. Reeses approval pierced her with satisfaction. With cool, controlled movements, he stripped off his suit coat and draped it over a chair. His tie, shirt and slacks followed. As he divested himself of his clothing, he watched her.

She stifled a gasp when he slipped off his shorts. Hugely massive, his cock jutted out from a base of black swirls and large balls. A plum-sized head crowned the long, thick shaft.

She made a noise in her throat, and Reese moved closer to the bed. Get on your knees.

She obeyed. It never occurred to her not to.

Satisfaction flashed in his gaze. He reached out and stroked her hair before winding his fingers through the strands. You want to suck my cock, dont you?

Jamies lips parted. Yessir.

He applied gentle, but firm downward pressure on her head and guided his cock to her lips.

Opening her mouth, she engulfed the massive crown. Her fingers wrapped around his rod, his shaft so thick her fingers didnt meet. Heat seared her palm as she stroked his cock. She licked at the pre-come slickening the smooth head, savoring the taste and feel of him. Trailing down his shaft with her lips and tongue, she teased his balls and then returned to the head.

She took him inside her mouth until he touched the back of her throat, swallowed and took more of him. Her head bobbed, her fingers stroking, eagerly working him.

His breathing grew ragged and he rolled her nipples as she sucked him. She realized he was showing her what he wanted done to him by how he played with her nipples. When he tugged gently, she should stroke him lightly. When he tugged forcefully, she should suck him hard. She loved the feel, the taste of him, wanted to mark herself with his masculine scent.

He pulled away abruptly, but before she could protest, turned her around, and put her on her hands and knees, her ass jutting out, her breasts dangling, her pussy in full view. Jamie glanced at the bare windows and a lurid thrill skittered through her. This high in the sky no one could see them, but the exposure intensified her desire.

His hands caressed the smooth globes of her bottom, smoothing over the flesh. Your ass is cool, Jamie. Do you think I should warm it up? Make it burn?

Her mind whirled. Shed never been spanked before. Did she really want him to? What if she didnt like it? What if she did? What else would he want to do? Even as her rational mind hesitated, her body eagerly surrendered. Her pussy flooded with moisture, her womb clenched and her hips lifted, ready and receptive. Her chest tightened with a strange yearning, a yearning she sensed that only he could fulfill.


She bit her lip. YesReese.


Yessir, please spank me.

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