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Toy's Story: Acquisition of a Sex Toy

Author(s): Robert Cloud

Online relationships are difficult at the best. The distance and the lack of touch make them hard to maintain and the only way they are successful is with good communication. But what happens when the communications are intentionally misleading even if they are not meant to be harmful?

David and Doreen used the Internet to start a romance that centered on her fantasy to kneel at his feet as a slave. When her real life interfered with her Internet fantasy life she left the fantasy behind. But when the fantasy is who you are it becomes overpowering.

Doreen could not stop wishing for the fantasy that was out of reach. When she could no longer deny the powerful fantasy she begged David, her online Master, to rescue her from her vanilla life. He complied, fulfilling her fantasies in ways that she had not dared to consider.

But when fantasies become realities the realities have consequences. For David and Doreen the consequences were deeper and farther reaching than either could have imagined.

David had agreed to manage an erotic writers forum as a way to overcome the loss of his wife.

Six other writers had joined the ranks so far and the story had begun. When an email came from a new writer he hoped that the email was a request to join the group which would fulfill his desire for eight writers. What he got was far beyond his wishes. It was a beginning that changed his life and hers forever.

ShadowWolf, My name is Doreen and I have found your story truly interesting. It pains me to see the sorrow and pain that your character, Yshmar is filled with. Even at times when there are the brief moments of happiness, he soon falls back into such a deep and gloomy state. I feel as if he will never recover. You have made me feel the depths of his loss when his Mentor died, and also the intensity of his desire to find a purpose in his life. I am wondering if perhaps you would allow me to write with your group and find his purpose for him. Maybe the character I would portray would help him find happiness. You already have a feline female in the storyline but as my nickname suggests I have a thing about white tigers. If it does not interfere with your story I would love for that to be the race I portray. If it does interfere I will opt for whatever race you suggest. Please, Sir, this girl would love to write for your story.

His eyes were glued to each word, his heart sang as he reread the words again, not once, but several times. She wanted to write in the group, she wanted to portray a white tigress, and even more to his delight she wanted to have her character have a relationship with his. Did he dare hope that this could lead to more?

He was as excited as a child on the night before Christmas as he emailed her that he would love to have her join the group and there was no problem with a second feline female. All she had to do before being given access to post was to fill out a brief biography for herself and her character. As David hit the send button he began to realize he needed to settle his heart, if this turned out to be nothing it would only cause him more pain. The story had helped him come out of his depression, yet he still felt pangs of loss. He did not know if he could handle another loss even if it were only an online romance.

He tried to focus on the next post for the story he was devising but the words would not come to him. His mind kept returning to Doreen, the white tigress, and he kept worrying that his attraction to the name would do more harm than good. It was too soon to open his heart again.

The popup You have mail appeared on his screen and he decided to check it. Perhaps he could come back to the story with fresh ideas after reading the email. David sat for at least fifteen minutes staring at the screen. He had not expected a reply from Doreen so quickly. He could see even before opening the email that the biography form was attached and ready for him to review. His heart was beating with the fury of an erupting volcano.

He clicked on the attachment and began to read. He was certain that his mind was playing tricks on him so he read her fantasy again, and again. David was certain he could not be reading the words correctly so he read them yet again and still he could not believe them. He heard his voice reading them aloud on the fourth time

My deepest and darkest fantasy has been with me since I was a young child. I dream of it often and wish it would come true. Someday I would like to have some stranger come and kidnap me and make me serve him as a sex slave. I am Asian and being someones Asian sex toy is my greatest desire.

Her fantasy danced in his head; suddenly he could see her kneeling at his feet. Rubbing against his thigh like a large cat, and purring then looking up at him and saying, Master, would you fuck your tigress?

David stared at her words as if in a trance. His heart told him it was time to move on, to reach out and grasp this chance before it slipped away. Yet his mind struggled with the fear of having his heart ripped asunder again. His heart won. He emailed Doreen

Whitetigress, I am very pleased that you wish to join the group and after reading your biography I have to say, yes, beyond a doubt, I want you to join.

I have sat here with your fantasy stirring up images and possibilities for the storyline, but I wish to be honest. It may be a little soon to introduce something that profound. There has not been even the mention of any kind of slavery in the tale as of yet. Still, I am curious, and reading your fantasy has made me want to suggest that you and I write a story on the side exploring your fantasy. I understand if you would rather wait until it can be incorporated into the story. I feel it may help me to understand your fantasy better if we wrote about it and I could see exactly what you were thinking of.

Looking forward to reading your first post, you may introduce your character after my next addition.

Be well,

Immediately after hitting the send button he began to wish he could unsend the message. It was too soon to proposition her into writing a private story. He had only become aware that she existed a few days ago, until three hours ago he had never made direct contact.

This was ludicrous. He shook his head back and forth thinking No, I did not just do that as he felt his heart beginning to sink at the thought that he would never hear from her again.

The speakers chimed and David looked to the monitor as a window popped up

You have mail.

He stopped shaking his head, his heart stopped beating, and he opened the email from Doreen.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 0-9774682-5-9
Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 12/03/2005
Publisher: Black Velvet Seductions

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