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Bound By Fate

Author(s): Lee Rush

Sometimes love by itself is not enough.

James and Annie are mature adults who meet on line and discover a powerful attraction that grows stronger as they explore their mutual interest in BDSM. When they meet in person the attraction they felt online grows into full fledged love and their online exploration of the master and slave lifestyle spills into reality. But even the bond of love they have built isn't enough to sustain their relationship in the face of obstacles which neither can alter.

After their relationship is torn apart, their love nearly destroyed, fate steps in and allows them another chance. "Bound by Fate" is the story of two people who are given a second chance to make their dreams come true.

He moved closer to the bed and then swung the flogger, bringing the soft strands down over her breasts. She gasped and jumped as much as the bindings would allow and he chuckled softly in response.

Are you jumping from the feel of it, Kitten, or the popping noise it makes as it turns your flesh pink?

She hadnt known about the popping sound, but now she did and would respond to that as well. She knew that this type of flogger was not the kind used to cause pain; that had been on the same website as the picture she found. This was a type to tease and redden the skin without giving a deep burn.

By the time he had struck her several more times, she was moaning and twitching under each stinging blow. He used the flogger carefully, teasing both in the way he struck her and then dragging it back across her reddened skin.

The imagined stinging and teasing had her aglow as she sat at her computer, avidly reading his words of passion on the screen. He whipped her for several minutes, alternating between her breasts and thighs, with the tips of the deer hide slapping against her shaved pussy, teasing her clit and making it peek out more and more as it went on.

She was twitching and twisting under the onslaught and breathing harder as she typed her responses. Then he stepped away from the bed and she whined softly at the computer as she wondered what he was doing, leaving her like that and walking away. Then he came back with a box in his hand.

He stood beside the bed; smiling down at her. He displayed the box he held. Chocolate covered cherries. She was a bit puzzled, but she could see in her mind that he had the wicked glint in his eyes that his words conveyed.

Taking a piece of candy from the box, he raised his hand over her body and squeezed it, allowing the thick, sweet juice to drip down over her body.

He had never been the fastest typist and had admitted to being a hunting pecker at the keyboard, but now he was typing even slower than before.

He took another piece and lowered his hand and there was another long wait until his hand was positioned over her breast, then another interminable wait before he crushed the chocolate morsel between his fingers and the thick juice coated her nipple, the cherry inside dropping down and landing beside that tightened tip. Another candy was in his hand and she wondered where this one would drip and where the cherry would fall. Her other breast, of course, she should have guessed.

He watched her then, watched the candy dripping down over the skin of her puckered nipple. The slowness of his typing was a tease to her senses and he was good at it. Moments later, another crushed candy dripped its juice near her navel. Would the cherry land in her navel?? It plopped down to the right of it.

So slowly his words appeared on the screenshe had no idea where he would drop the next cherry. Lower? Higher? At one point he held the candy for so long she wondered if he had been disconnected from the internet. Then the next target came all in one post

He watched as the thick juice splashed on her lips and the cherry bounced into her mouth as she gasped in surprise. Then he was trailing the liquid and the cherries down over her body, slowly dribbling the juices thickly over her shaven pubes and tingling, reddened skin.

She laid in the cyber scene, moaning softly as each cherry fell against her skin, the light plopping further exciting her. She could almost feel the gooey, sticky substance on her skin as she typed her moans and twitches.

He moved to the foot of the bed and stood there licking the sweet syrup from his fingers, letting her watch as he sensually moved his tongue between the fingers to get each drop of the liquid. She was licking her lips as she watched him in her minds eye. Then he was laying between her legs, starting above her right knee and lapping up the thick liquid as it dripped down her leg. She could feel it dripping down to where he couldnt possibly reach it and she tried to raise her leg a bit but it was tied too tightly to move much. His beard tickled her skin and she chuckled softly to herselfhow sticky his beard would be when this was over.

And then he nipped her thigh and all thoughts of chuckling were gone from her mind. She moaned at the computer as she felt his mouth on her thigh and the little nip of his teeth. Breathing even harder, she was squirming in her chair as he typed. She closed her eyes and swore she could feel his mouth. When she opened them again, he had reached the place where her leg joined her body. Then he went to the left knee and followed the same pathway upward. The muscles in her thighs were twitching at every touch of his tongue and the constant tickling of his beard as he moved his mouth. She couldnt hold her legs still while she sat in the chair waiting for his next words, waiting for that hot mouth to move, to tease her fleshGod! It really felt like he was with her!

Next he was on his hands and knees over her, nibbling and sucking the syrup and cherries from her nipples and breasts. He bit her nipples softly as he caught the cherries on his tongue, then winked at her and began working his way down her body again.

As his mouth moved down, he sucked more than the juice from her body; he sucked her skin as though he couldnt get enough of it, as though he really wanted to eat her. There was a bit of pain but mixed with the hot tongue moving back and forth across her belly, the pain was nothing. Her back arched as he moved lower, trying to press her pubes up to him, so he would move downmovethere. She was gasping for the breath that his typed words stole from her. She could feel itfeel every sensation that he typed and she was trembling at the keyboard.

She was writhing under his mouth, whimpering as he got closer to the seat of her cravings, but he wouldnt go there. She raised her head and looked down at him, breath caught in her throat as she saw that wicked grin above her glazed pussy. She wanted to plead with himbeg him to do itfor Gods sake, do it! She was afraid if she voiced her desire, he would stop to tease her even moreto push her even farther without release, so she kept the words in her head and moaned and wiggled and tried to press up to his mouth even though the pillow had her raised up as much as possible.

She was panting when his tongue finallyfinally touched her clit and her body stiffened under him and she cried out loudly.

No, my slut. I have not given you permission and you will not cum without permission. You may nod your head if you understand.

She vigorously nodded her head and then closed her eyes, trying to concentrate on something besides her bodys reactions to his mouth.

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ISBN (Print): 0-9774682-4-0
ISBN (Electronic): 0
Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 12/03/2005
Publisher: Black Velvet Seductions

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