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Alpha Hunger

Author(s): K. Lyn

Away from her husband, Stevi comes face to face with her best friend’s ex.  The gorgeous surgeon who makes a fortune perfecting the beauty of women has wanted her since the day he was wedded to her best friend.  He knew he would find her here, but his presence is an unexpected surprise to Stevi.  How can she resist the suave man who is obsessed with perfection and obsessed with her?  When he proudly claims that he has come bearing a gift, Stevi wonders what the handsome surgeon wants in exchange.  This doctor rarely does anything for free.
Stevi heard his footsteps as he came around the corner of the house and she turned to see the most handsome man she had ever known.  The man she knew as Mark took her breath away.  He always had.  Mark was just over six feet tall with brown hair that was always styled to perfection, but he was not wearing his usual scrubs today.  He was wearing a tailored suit.  He had a strong jaw and sensuous lips that Stevi had often fantasized about kissing.  He smiled with startlingly white teeth and he removed his sunglasses with the flair of an artist revealing his latest masterpiece. 


She opened the back door and as Mark moved closer to her, Stevi’s heart beat faster and she could feel the heat from his skin.  His masculine scent was overpowering.  His hands touched hers and he said nothing as he led her into the sunroom.  She let him take her by the hand and he pulled her to him.  She knew she should resist this man who she feared was the devil incarnate, but her flesh was unwilling.  He turned to face her and he rested his hands lightly on her hips. 

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-6184-5046-3
Genre: Chick Lit
Date Published: 01/13/2012
Publisher: Beau to Beau Books

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