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Agent of Mercy

The Special Agent Series: Book 4

Author(s): Betty Ann Harris

FBI Special Agent Sam Blake is working undercover on the Catherine Jones case. Catherine is a mentally twisted and cunning criminal who uses wealthy men and then discards them. She falls for Sam's charm and he is intrigued with her and falls for her, then decides to help her instead of bringing her into custody.

But has he made a serious misjudgment and a mistake? Or will Catherine finally be set free from the dangerous past that has marred her life?



Sams cottage number seven was secluded from the others along the inlet bay and was close to the water. The two went inside for a few minutes while Sam made them each a drink. They sat on the side deck of the cottage that looked out over the bay. Palm trees swayed gracefully and the moonlight bathed the scene in silver light. Sam decided it was time to question her to see where her mindset was concerning the money she had stolen from Derek Simpson.

Catherine, what are your plans now?


Yes, I mean do you plan on staying here on this island just living off the money you stole from Derek?

Im not sure what Im going to do. I realize now I shouldnt have stolen from him. It was an act of desperation based on uncertainty and fear. I just wanted to get out of New York and start my life over again. Have you thought about trying to make it right?

You mean like hand myself over to the FBI or something?

No, not exactly.

Listen, if I thought handing over the money to the Feds would give me my freedom, then yes, Id do it in a heartbeat. But the reality is, theyd want more than the money. Theyd want justice.

What if I told you I might know of a way to handle this, to get the Feds off your back. Would you trust me? Would you let me handle things? Id want to know exactly what youd be doing. I cant just hand over that much money to you.

Sam walked over to the rail of the deck and looked out at the bay. He decided hed have to tell her the whole truth about who he was and what he planned on doing to help her. Lets go inside, Catherine.

Once inside Sam poured himself a scotch and sat down on the edge of the bed. Catherine sat in a chair across from the bed. Im going to tell you the truth, Catherine. I dont want to lie to you.

Go on.

Im a Federal agent, and

Oh my God! She immediately bolted for the door. Sam stopped her by standing in her way.

Get out of my way!

Catherine, wait, hear me out! Sam grabbed her and pushed her back.

She lost her balance and fell onto the bed. He pinned her down.

No, no, nonot you too! Catherine was hysterical. Youre just like all the others!

Catherine, no, Im not! Please listen to me.

Listen to you! Youve been lying to me for months, pretending you had feelings for me when all you really wanted to do was catch me and have me thrown in jail. Im just an assignment to you. You disgust me!

It started as just another assignment for me, but I swear to you I did have feelings for you, and now that Ive come to know you, I I

You what?

God damn it Catherine, I love you.

The cold, hard line of her jaw eased and the anguish in her eyes slowly changed. She stopped trying to push Sam away.

IIm sorry, she said as she eased her nails from digging into his arms.

Sam still had her pinned beneath him. He looked deeply into her eyes and she matched his gaze. He slowly touched his lips to hers, and the warmth and tenderness with which she responded overwhelmed him.

A current of desire soared through his nerve endings. He was on fire. They kissed again, deep and passionate. Catherine responded to every move. They stopped only long enough to remove their clothes, which they threw haphazardly on the floor.

Sam ran his hands over Catherines body.

Oh, Sam. I want you.

Catherine wrapped her hand around his swollen manhood. He moaned in her ear, his warm breath teasing her, pleading for total surrender. She obliged him completely as he pushed her legs apart and entered her with total abandon. She writhed and retreated again and again. Like a storm at sea, each wave pushed them further and further toward total ecstasy, both succumbing at the same time. They lay breathless in each others arms. Catherine glanced at Sam and he looked completely sated.

For the first time in her life, Catherine felt completely satisfied physically. Sam Blake was all man. And he was putty in her hands.

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