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Angel Kisses

Author(s): Sue Tumlin

An unexpected snowstorm…

Abby Jones hopes to alleviate her five-year-old daughter's unhappy memory of her father's sudden death on Christmas Eve a year ago by bringing her from their bustling city life in New York to her own parent's Colorado home for Christmas. A small cabin nestled on top of the mountain about ten miles away from her parent's home. Waking up on Christmas Eve to find that an unexpected snowstorm has stranded them on the mountain Abby realizes that the perfect Christmas she had planned for her child was now a nightmare. They are without a Christmas tree, without presents and without a holiday meal. Abby is left without any hope of giving her child a descent Christmas. Until…

An unexpected love…

Caught in the unexpected snow storm himself, Noah Thomas, doesn't think twice about Abby's parents' request to check on Abby and her daughter. After all, Abby was his high school sweetheart and the one woman he had never gotten over. Finding Abby stranded without any prospects of salvaging Christmas gives Noah the chance to prove once and for all he is the man for Abby and always has been.



Abby ushered her daughter into the warmth of the cabin, close to the fireplace, then replied, "Sounds perfect to me. Now, take off your coat and sit by the fireplace for a while. Mommy has work to do." She handed Josie her Barbie doll and went to explore the cabin.

Abby searched the cabin for anything that might bring a little holiday cheer. Other than warmth and safety, there was absolutely nothing to uplift the holiday spirit. No decorations. No nothing.

She returned to the living room with a heavy heart. Abby stared at her young child playing on the floor. "I'm so sorry," she whispered to herself.

A loud knock on the door shocked Abby into silence.

Who could that be? Fear gripped her spine. No one could possibly be out in this weather. Or could they? Surely criminals didn't knock, did they?

The loud pounding persisted. Abby cautiously made her way to the locked door. She turned to Josie and whispered, "Don't move." Then she turned back to the wooden door and demanded, "Who is it?" Her hands clutched the bottom of her gold sweater, twisting it nervously.

"Your neighbor," a deep masculine voice replied. "Open up, Abby, it's Noah Thomas."

Noah Thomas? My Noah Thomas? It couldn't be. She hadn't seen him in over eight years.

"Abby, open up. It's freezing out here!"

She jerked open the door and came face to face with a ghost from her past. Noah Thomas. The man she had once loved with all her heart. Her high school sweetheart.

"Noah?" Stunned, she stared at him blankly. "Is that really you?" Of course it is him, you idiot. Who else could look that sexy after all these years?

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-395-2
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 12/03/2009
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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