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Be Mine

Author(s): Kelly Daniels

Stubborn and independent, Elle Galligan wants to be left alone by her crazy ex-boyfriend, Lukas, who continues to terrorize her, each time more viciously than the last. With no choice, she seeks out the one man she’s turned her back on from the past—only to be thrown into the unknown.

Successful Prince of Darkness, Larik deWolf, spots trouble the moment Elle calls him. In an ongoing war with Elle’s shiftshaping ex, Larik is left with no alternative and vows to protect her from the evil stalking her, only to draw Elle closer into the mysterious world he hid. As danger strikes, history deems to repeat itself. When attraction binds them together, Elle threatens his supernatural abilities and control. Larik finds himself opening up his heart to the one woman he’s tried not to love, but will she accept his secrets or continue to fight fate?


She returned to the bedroom, heart pounding in an erratic beat. Drawing in a deep breath as if preparing herself, she willed courage. She couldn’t allow Jake to be hurt. A sudden maternal instinct rose in her chest. If anyone messed with her nephew, they’d regret it. Tightening her hold on the pepper spray, she shook the can and set the candleholder on the stand next to the bedroom. Slowly, she turned the doorknob and pushed it open just enough that it unlatched. Elle took a deep breath, and kicked the wooden panel open with her foot. Her eyes scanned the room as she stepped in, looking for the intruder. No one was there, but adrenaline coursed through her system, kicking up another notch. She took in a deep breath then gasped as realization struck her.

Even though the room was empty, she knew he had just left. The air crackled with his energy, like the electrically charged sky right after lightning struck.

A chilly breeze brushed against her, drawing her attention to the window near the fire escape. With caution, she moved further in. A piece of broken glass crunched beneath her heels. She nearly jumped out of her skin. Scanning for the source of the glass, she noticed one of her picture frames broken under a small dent in the wall. A dark shape drew her attention to the bed. Her eyes widened at the meticulously, laid out, sexy black lingerie—something she would never be caught dead in. Next to it was an iris that looked like it came from the arrangement next to her bed. And a note.

Picking up the card, she shuddered as she read the message, “The time is coming. Sweet dreams, my love.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-936394-38-8
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 11/01/2010
Publisher: Decadent Publishing

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