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Butterfly Girl & Truth or Dare

Author(s): Anne Brooke

Two great erotic short stories in one volume!
"Butterfly Girl": Abi's marriage is happy enough, but she's bored. When she meets Tina online, they quickly become friends. Soon their virtual friendship becomes the mainstay of Abi's life, and when Tina propositions her, Abi's initial surprise gives way to an unexpected and overwhelming desire.
"Truth or Dare": Kate and Suzie have always been best friends, for as long as they can remember. However, one night at the pub away from their menfolk leads them both to startling revelations as they resurrect their old childhood game of Truth or Dare.


Once seated at the only empty table, Suzie gets the drinks. A bottle of house white and two glasses. That suits Kate fine. She’s had a rough week. She deserves a break. Something else too, if she’s lucky.
Because this time she’s not going back home without trying.
As Suzie settles into her usual window seat, Kate admires her friend’s shoulder-length blonde hair, her rich green eyes and her full mouth. Suzie has always been the beautiful one, but Kate’s never minded that. Her own slight form and short dark hair could never compete in their teenage years, but Suzie’s never made an issue of it. She’s always stuck by Kate. It’s meant a lot.
Now here the two of them are: Kate six years’ married to Robert, a steady accountant with a good job in London; Suzie with her new fiancé, Neil, and all the upcoming wedding plans to organise. It’ll be a good year, she thinks. But still Kate wants something to change.
‘Cheers,’ Suzie pours the wine, and Kate savours the hint of spices and lemon in her mouth.
The conversation moves on. Suzie talks not just about Neil and the wedding, but about her work colleagues, her new car. In turn Kate talks about Robert, his job, her brothers, her church.
During a pause, Kate sees her chance.
‘All right then, let’s play Truth and Dare,’ she says. It’s a game they used to play often when they were younger. Already Kate knows what she will confess, but she wants to hear Suzie speak first.
Her friend laughs. ‘It’s years since we’ve done that. What’s made you think of it now?’
‘Memories, I suppose,’ Kate shrugs. ‘Old times’ sake.’
Suzie stops laughing. Frowns instead. She takes another mouthful of wine from her glass and the clear liquid glistens on her lips. Kate has to stop herself from brushing it away with her fingers. It’s too soon for that, if it happens at all. Now she wants to listen.
‘Well,’ Suzie says. ‘You know most things about me anyway, but…but there is something I haven’t told you. I didn’t know what you’d say, and it’s nothing much. At least nothing happened, but…’
‘That’s all right,’ Kate lays her hand on Suzie’s for a moment, feeling the warmth of her friend’s skin rising into her own. ‘Tell me: truth or dare.’

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781611876611
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 01/31/2014
Publisher: Untreed Reads

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