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Butterfly Kiss

Author(s): Kate Appleton

Butterfly Kiss follows four sophisticated ladies through a funny, fast-paced, erotic thrill-ride through rural New Hampshire. The lines between rich and poor, gay and straight become blurred when socialite Mackenzie Winterborn meets farmer Keith Roy. Will they survive poisonous snakes and venomous former lovers to find an everlasting passion?



That explained why the desk clerk was so discomposed. Mac noticed the sound of running water and did a quick head count. "Hannah's in the shower?"

"Yes, the little bald man is washing her back," Sophia said from her position sprawled out on the brass bed. Mac would have believed her if it had been Lizbeth in the shower and she hadn't just seen the man in question dressed and dry downstairs.

Seemingly satisfied that there weren't any other hotel guests or employees to shock, Lizbeth shut the door and walked to the open windows. Filmy white curtains danced in the breeze.

"Lower the blinds, for Pete's sake." Mac went to one window and reached for the string. "You'll cause an accident on Main Street."

Lizbeth argued that there weren't any cars on Main Street. Mac had no comment, but she lowered the blinds anyway. When she had sufficiently bestowed privacy on the room, she turned around to find Lizbeth face-first between Sophia's legs.

"Come join us, cara mia. Come to me." Sophia fluffed the pillow around her head as if making room.

Mac took in the scene and considered her options. Hannah would be miffed to come out of the shower and find a lesbian orgy—again. Maybe she wouldn't have to walk in on them if they made it quick.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-642-7
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 01/28/2010
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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