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Candy Man

Author(s): Sage Burnett

Want some sweet dark chocolate to tempt you like Scott came across?

Scott Barnes is railroaded by his buddy, Dean, into delivering candy and flowers to Dean's girlfriend, Annie Chandler.

Not liking his mission, Scott figures he'll be in and out in a New York minute. That is, until Annie opens her door dressed provocatively for a romantic Valentine's evening.

Suddenly Scott doesn't mind his job as a delivery guy. He wants to get to know the woman standing across the threshold from him stuffing chocolate candy past those sexy, kissable lips of hers.




The most beguiling violet colored eyes he’d ever seen, widened in shock. Her eyes reminded him of his grandmother’s lilac trees blooming in the spring. Add a black silk robe that matched her shoulder length straight, glossy hair. The robe was open showing her lacy black bra with two tiny red hearts covering each of her nipples. Scott managed not to salivate as his gaze lowered to the matching lace black bikini panties with a larger red heart directly over her pubic mound. Tightening his hold on the vase, he knew if didn’t get a grip on his libido he would drop the damn thing.

One eyebrow lifted when she noticed him staring at her lingerie. She quickly sashed up the robe. “Who are you?”

For a split second, he couldn’t remember his own name. “, Scott Barnes.”

Eyes narrowing, she stared at him. “Are those flowers and candy for me?”

“A...yeah.” Normally, he was an articulate guy, but this woman literally left him speechless. Dean had said she was too straight laced for him. Was his friend blind?

“Hold on, I’ll get some money for you.”

Damn, she thought he was a frigging delivery guy. “Are you Annie Chandler?”

Pausing mid stride, she glanced over her shoulder at him. “Yes.”

“I’m not a delivery guy. I mean that’s not my job.”

When she spun around the robe billowed around her, giving him a quick peek at the bikini panties again. Feeling his cock swelling, he lowered the vase to hide his reaction to her. The box of candy started to slide from his arm, but he caught it just in time.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-127-9
Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 01/24/2008
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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