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Author(s): Cassidy Ryan

Jennifer thought that accepting a job as PA to the owner of a high-class call-girl agency would bring some excitement to her life, but it turns out to be no more exciting than being the PA to a used car salesman. She is on the verge of quitting when the agency is contacted by reclusive artist, Mason Greene, looking to hire a girl for the week. Jennifer sees this as her chance to finally add a little spice to her humdrum life. So, she becomes Caprice, and heads off to Mason Greene's private island.

 But secrets never stay secret for long. What will happen when the truth catches up with Jennifer?



Th-thank you. I licked my lips again, and the very tip of my tongue touched the pad of his thumb. I saw his pupils dilate, and my pulse picked up, cheeks flushing hotly. I lowered my eyes to rest on his hand, strong and tanned, with long fingers. A streak of red on his hand made my eyes widen in shock.

Oh my goodness, are you bleeding? I reached out and took his hand between mine, frowning with sudden concern, but Masons soft laugh drew my eyes back to his. Little laugh lines had appeared at the corners of eyes glittering with amusement. My stomach did another flip.

No, thats paint. I was working while you rested. His hand felt warm and slightly calloused in mine, and I found that I had difficulty letting it go.

Youre decorating? Well, that was a surprise. I would have assumed that a man who could afford to live in a magnificent place like this would have other people to do things like decorating for him.

Masons eyes narrowed a touch, and the amusement was replaced by confusion. No, Im a painteran artist.

I foolishly realized that I had done no research whatsoever on Mason Greene, so carried away with the excitement and anticipation of my adventure. At the very least I should have Googled his damn name. In spite of the commotion he caused around the agency, the girls never spoke about Masonor any of the other clients for that matter. Vivienne had a very strict confidentiality policy, and the girls never compromised it.

I pasted on the best sheepish smile I could manage. Ah, of course. My brain hasnt quite caught up with my body yet.

Masons lips twitched. Would you like to see?

Yes, that would be lovely. My eyes fell on the bowl of strawberries, and Mason laughed.

Bring them with you, by all means.

My cheeks heated in a blush, and I picked up the bowl, smiling. They really are delicious.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-773-8
Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 08/26/2010
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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