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Carl's Story

Lifestyles Series

Author(s): Kissa Starling

A poor body image and public play at the Dungeon don't mix so what's a submissive to do?

Sylvie and Carl used to be prominent play partners at the dungeon. Fast forward to three kids later and Sylvie is ashamed of her once perfect body. Carl understands that restoring her self confidence is his responsibility but he's not sure how to do it. When her body issues affect their marriage he knows that it's time for drastic action. An upcoming birthday provides him not only with the perfect time but the perfect solution to their problems as well...



Her eyes widened, but she remained mute.

"Bend over." The position was pleasing to me. An ultimate submissive pose, her ass up, her pussy filled, and her lovely torso elongated across the bar. I knew from our reflective talks that the position was uncomfortable, and that's what I wanted.

I reached down with the glove and pressed against her right buttock. Her ass automatically rose. I pressed against her left buttock, and that side rose as well. It was when I spread her ass cheeks that she gasped and held her breath.

My un-gloved hand soothed her back. "Breathe, my pet."

Once her breathing was normal, I slapped the tiny barbs into her center. I lifted it just a bit and made small slaps around to her silken cleft. Her body shook, and her head lay down even more. Her grip lessened on the bar. I reversed my slaps to the top of her ass and then down across the backs of her thighs.

Her ass lifted once more and I pushed it, forcing her juicy folds down.


The moans excited me even more. "Fuck it, Little One. Fuck the bar while I watch. When you're done, you'll fuck my cock and the cocks of all my friends." We'd had yet to live out that fantasy, but the words got her going like nobody's business.

Up and down her body bucked. Her motions became faster. The force she used to slam her pussy against the red wood grew. I knew she was going to come when she rose up and her head leaned back to look at me.

"Please, Sir, may I come?"

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-367-9
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 07/23/2009
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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