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Dating 911

Author(s): Kathleen Grieve

 Emergency room nurse, Roxanne Carter is a loser-magnet wishing she could enjoy her single life.  Commiserating with girlfriends over  butterscotch martinis creates the idea of The Dating Manifesto—a not so scientific research project which promises to point the way to dating success.  While gathering data to find the most suitable single men available, she wades through a series of unsavory, stale dates, which literally places her back at ground zero.  Just when she is ready to give up, sin personified in the form of sexy firefighter Jett Avery, arrives tainting all of her previous data. 

A traumatic warehouse fire, in which firefighter Jett Avery's closest friend dies, has him suffering from Posttraumtic Stress Disorder.  Attempting to stave off the worst of his depression, he decides to use his brand of therapy...Sex. The remedy has lost luster until he encounters ER nurse Roxanne Carter.



           She held up her hands, palms facing toward him.  “Stop.  This is a hospital.  Not some stupid television show where the medical staff is always making out in a closet.  I work here.  Don’t even think about it!”
            Jett closed the distance between them until her hands pressed against his chest, searing their imprint through the thin cotton of his T-shirt.  He grasped her fingers and lifted them to his mouth, licking the sensitive tips with his tongue one by one.  Heat filled her eyes and she trembled.  
            “You feel the pull, too.  Don’t you?” he asked, dropping her hand.  
            Jett slid his hands to her waist, and molded her against his erection.  A perfect fit.  Her sharp intake of breath as she shook her head told him all he needed to know.  He smiled.  Satisfaction filled him.  
            “Liar.  Shake your head in denial all you want, but I can see the reflection mirrored in your eyes, and feel the powerful draw when I touch you,” he said in a husky tone.  He rubbed his stiff cock against her stomach.  The intensity of his desire eliminated all reason.  
            Jett buried his face in her neck and breathed in her sweetness.  “Hmm.  Today you smell like chocolate.”  His tongue traced the delicate shell of her ear as his hands stroked her bare arms.  “But you taste like honey.”
            Her knees bent and he placed his leg between hers to support her.  On the brink of total insanity, he continued his light exploration.  His hand skimmed her torso, and skirted the side of her breast.  With slow, deliberate care, he let his fingertips graze her collarbone on the way to grasp the back of her neck.  Another tremor rippled through her.
            God, she felt so damn good.
            She tilted her chin and her head rested in his open palm.  “Jett,” her sultry voice caused his penis to throb.  “This is not a good idea.  Anyone could come in here and….”  
            He pushed his thigh against her crotch.  She inhaled sharply, desire deepening the blue of her eyes.  “You were saying?”
            Her brow furrowed.  “And…” 
            “Intoxicating being a little naughty, isn’t it?” he rasped.  He gently tugged her face closer to his.  “Hmm.  I believe you mentioned the other night that your most recent sexual exploits have been lacking.  Let’s add something of interest for your science venture.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-926950-92-1
Genre: Contemporary
Date Published:
Publisher: Evernight Publishing

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